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Blog Your Way to a Greener Future with Green Hosting

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For many in the online community, the only connection that the internet and environmentalism have is that the internet is the place for spreading information about how to protect the environment. However, the thought “green internet” doesn’t come to mind the way “green energy” does. 

While this is totally true, and overall the internet has made every aspect of modern life more efficient, from supply chains (think Amazon!) to working remotely and reducing the need for fossil fuel consumption, there is, unfortunately, an elephant in the room—and that is the environmental cost of running a website.

The vast majority of websites are hosted on classic hosting platforms that quite honestly are asleep at the wheel when it comes to environmental protection and consciousness.

Many of us (myself included) don’t think about the day to day reality of what the internet is. We typically experience the front end of the internet, the part that’s useful. But what about the back end? 

All of the servers which host websites, store data, and just generally make the internet a thing, well, they have a cost in carbon emissions. In other words, I hate to be the bearer of bad news…but the internet is killing the environment too.

The unfortunate reality is that most hosting platforms are not green, and they’re a far cry from the super green hosting that is widely available if you look for it!

One study found that the internet has a bigger carbon footprint than air travel!

Considering the amount of energy that goes into the internet, it should be no surprise that the carbon footprint is this large, but somehow, as with all things on the internet, we tend to forget that it actually has an impact on the real world.

So what are your options, completely unplugging from the internet? Well, that might be good for your mental health but it is honestly probably not making much of a difference for the internet, because whether you are using it or not, your data and blog are still probably being hosted somewhere.

You can go to the biggest web hosts and get what you need (probably for an inflated price and inferior product,) or you can spend a little time checking out your options before you host your next website, or switch one you already have.

Here we are going to go over some of the best green hosting companies that will help make your blog one of the best green websites out there.

Green Hosting Companies


The kicker of AISO is that literally all of AISO’s servers are supplied energy by – wait for it – the company’s own solar farm!You cannot get better than that when it comes to super green hosting and green domains. 

These guys are really serious about protecting the environment, and your data – so this is a great choice if you’re doing eCommerce or some serious business and you’re worried about security as well as the environment. 

AISO is not kidding around though with the environmental protection, they’ve made other changes to their company like using natural lighting in the office and special equipment that reduces the energy consumption of their servers. 

It’s a really cool company that aligns with the values of making the internet a place that’s not simultaneously destroying our environment. It’s slightly pricier than other options, but honestly, all green domain hosting is pretty cheap.


DreamHost is another super cool environmentally conscious green domain hosting company. Although DreamHost does not directly offset their carbon emissions in the way that AISO does, they did a thorough and exhaustive study of their energy consumption—and then chose to invest in renewable energy projects that would effectively offset their carbon emissions, resulting in net-zero. 

They even have a certification that says they are a bona fide carbon-neutral entity, pretty cool huh? The cost is about half that of AISO, coming in at just a few bucks a month. Not a large price to pay to switch over and start protecting the environment that the internet lives in.

Plus, they don’t even charge you to register your domain, so they really try their best to make green web domains an affordable option. And that’s the thing, they are an affordable option.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has been in the green domain game for a long time, and their experience shows in the user interface for sure. 

Like DreamHost, they have negated their carbon emissions through donations, in this case to a nonprofit organization called Carbonfund.org. What’s good about these guys is their commitment to the cause – they’ve been in the game for decades and they’re not just working towards a green internet as a marketing ploy. 

You’ll find that they actively promote green policies in their web content, and also are always at the cutting edge of implementing the most efficient equipment possible to reduce the carbon footprint caused by web hosting.

These guys are the real deal and your money is well spent here if you’re looking to be one of the best green websites out there.


The name says it all for these guys. They’re seriously committed to being one of the absolute best green hosting services out there, and let’s just say upfront – you certainly do not protect the environment here at the expense of a real quality domain platform. 

Their upload speeds are super-fast, and their philosophy and practices are super green. Oh yeah, and unlimited space is also a thing (I remember when it was just Google who did that! Ah, how things have changed.)

Aside from a whole swath of policies and practices that make GreenGeeks one of the best green websites, they work with another company to invest in renewable energy at triple the rate they consume. How that is even possible while maintaining a profit, I do not know, but then again, I’m not one of the awesome folks working over at GreenGeeks. 

If you want to protect the environment and not skimp on the tech side of things (great upload speeds, huge storage capacity), Green Geeks is a really good option.

What Next?

These are just a couple of the awesome hosting platforms that are out there to provide green hosting to environmentally-minded folks who want to create a green internet that everyone can enjoy for decades to come. 

It’s easy for us to forget that our actions on the internet actually have consequences in the real world, and I’m not just talking about the occasional stray tweet, I’m talking about material damage that we do to the environment every day by being indifferent to who hosts our web services. 

It’s no longer the year 2000 with only one of two hosting companies providing the service, these days there are hundreds of companies out there that can host green websites, but miraculously, most of them don’t. 

And who really has time to dig through them all and determine which of these companies are serious about environmental protection and which ones are simply blowing smoke to get a few extra bucks? Well, as a matter of fact, we have the time, and we’ve done it for you. 

By taking the time to read through this article we know that you care about the environment, but unfortunately, we all know that caring is not enough, you have to act. 

Fortunately, there are tons of options out there for you to be the discerning blogger that you are. So don’t hesitate, because the environment can’t afford for you to wait – go check out these green companies now!

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