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Beginner Tips for Green Parents on a Budget

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Going green doesn’t just benefit the planet, but also children’s health. Multiple studies show that exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals can lead to various health conditions, and infants are particularly susceptible to environmental toxins. Plus, everything eventually finds its way into your baby’s mouth.

Many people mistakenly believe that switching to environmentally sustainable practices means spending a lot more at the store, but that’s simply not true. Committing to making your home eco-friendlier can save bucks big time. Here’s how.

Go Meatless

Producing meat packs a huge environmental toll. Raising cattle uses up otherwise arable land that could be used for less expensive crops, and both pigs and cattle release dangerously high levels of ozone-destroying methane into the air. Go vegan or commit to at least one or two vegetarian meals weekly.

Diaper Duty Time

Many disposable diapers fail when it comes to being biodegradable. This causes enormous amounts of plastic to build up in our landfills and oceans. Instead, switch to reusable cloth diapers, at least the majority of the time. If cloth diapers are not practical for you, seek biodegradable disposable diapers available at natural food stores.

Shop Secondhand

Kids younger than school age really don’t care what they wear, so take advantage of thrift stores and yard sales to round out your baby wardrobe. As clothing makes up approximately 6 percent of any baby budget, shopping secondhand saves money. Buying secondhand also creates lower demand for new clothing, the production of which taxes environmental resources.

Save Water

Dirty clothes make for a lot of laundry, but doing several small loads uses far more water than one bigger one. Wait until the washer becomes full before firing it up.

When brushing teeth, be sure to turn off the faucet while you lather your pearly whites, and choose showers over long soaks in the tub, at least the majority of the time. Both your water bill and the planet will thank you!

Clean Green

Because infants love exploring their environment with their mouths, cleaning supplies containing harsh chemicals can end up in your baby’s belly. Instead, switch to cleaning the majority of household surfaces with a simple solution of 1/3 cup white vinegar to 2/3 cups water.

Really Reuse

Reuse everythingyou possibly can to save both cash and the planet. Some ideas include cutting up old T-shirts to use as bibs and utilizing old nut tins and gift bags to hold small toys. Reduce paper towel waste by choosing reusable dishtowels.

It’s Easy Being Green

Growing your family doesn’t mean abandoning your commitment to green living. By making a few simple changes and choosing to reuse, child-rearing allows for new opportunities to switch to sustainable practices. Plus, as your child grows, they’ll learn to value environmental stewardship and protect the planet we all share.

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