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Emelie was born 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden where she grew up. She is currently living in Örebro, Sweden and studying environmental sciences focusing on food production and cooking for three years. In the end she will have a wide array of skills from how the Earth is impacted by food production to putting the food on the table in a luxurious and appealing way. Plans for the future include saving the world, graduating, travelling and doing her washing. Emelieʼs free-time is spent studying, visiting farmers markets with friends and watching her favourite TV-shows. She tries to live a low impact, green student life and wants inspire people around her to do the same and re-value the worth of good, organic food.

The Problem with Synthetic Fertilizers

By Emelie Sandström: Todayʼs agriculture looks very different from the systems we had in the past. In the beginning, we hunted animals and collected what we could find to eat. This then lead to our managing the animals and keeping them as livestock. If you think about it and observe …

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Eating Healthy on a Student Budget

By Emelie Sandström: On a daily basis, I will see/hear/read about people who think eating organic food is way too expensive. So theyʼll go for the quick, easy option of a frozen meal or something similar. Whether a student or anyone else on a limited budget, eating organic and healthfully …

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