Alternatives to Sudsing with Traditional Shampoos  

Jun, 25, 2018

By Larraine Roulston:

 It was once quoted that a womans hair is her crowning glory. So why do we smother it with so many chemicals? If you are seeking alternatives to shampoos and conditioners, why not test the benefits of using a shampoo bar or the “No Shampoo”method that uses baking soda and apple cider vinegar (ACV).  

 Before the advent of traditional bottled shampoos, bars were commonly used to wash hair. Along with the concern to start eliminating plastic bottles, its time to revisit the shampoo bar.

 Most shampoo bars are made using natural ingredients and do not contain the chemicals that produce foam. These bars do not create as many suds but they work just as well. In fact, the foaming action does not even clean as we are led to believe. If you are caught in the never-ending cycle of having to shampoo with brands that not only make your natural oils work twice as hard but also leave a greasy residue within a day or so, then striving to use a shampoo bar less often is well worth a try.    

 Other benefits include the convenience of packing a bar rather than a bottle when traveling. As well, consider the savings when shampooing with a bar, which lasts much longer. The link below highlights blogger Sherri Griffins experience and provides a list of shampoo bar products.

 Personally, I have been hooked on the “No Shampoo”method for over 2 years. As a first step, determine the amount of time that you canget bywithout sudsing your hair. Once that hurdle has been crossed, use this method: First, wet your hair and use 1 or more (depending on your hairs length) tablespoons of baking soda mixed in a cup of water. The baking soda provides no suds but it really cleans, and your scalp feels well-scrubbed. Then, to rinse, use the same amount of diluted ACV in a container to pour over your head or fill a spray bottle and use it. Finally, you can opt to rinse your hair again under the shower.

 My testimonial includes these benefits of the “no shampoo” method: 

 * Some of my natural curl has returned.

 * My hair is thicker, shinier, and has more body.

 * With each shower,I rinse my hair; however, I can go well over three weeks without having any sign of a greasy appearance. 

 * There is less stress in life after breaking the artificial cycle of having to shampoo every three days or at the last minute when a social engagement pops up.  

 * I feel elated about not having chemicals enter my scalp, which could be a contributing factor that causes cancer. 

 * No packaging is required when I purchase baking soda at a bulk store and use my own glass jar. 

 * The cost is much more economical. 

 Whether you choose the shampoo bar or baking soda and ACV, there may be atransition period of a few weeks for your scalp to adjust to not replacing its natural oils after each shampoo. The secret to beautiful hair is to allow your body to release its accumulated chemicals and, once again, to start producing its own natural oils. With a little persistence, you will benefit from having healthier, more attractive and more manageable hair.

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Fredrika Syren

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