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We are a green, vegan and zero waste family of five people living on a urban homestead middle of San Diego. Being green means taking steps toward living a life that promotes health, happiness, and family time, while choosing to reduce our carbon footprints on our planet. No one is perfect and neither are we five, but everyone has to start somewhere. Living a green life does not mean moving into a cave or turning off electricity: itʼs simply making the best and the most green changes we can.

20140429_jlsfoto_syren_0110As a green mom, I try my best with all the ups and down of family life to live a greener and vegan life in general. In my case, that means raising a plant based  family who try to eat organic and local food whenever possible, recycle, live zero waste, plastic-free and minimal life without chemicals as well as try anything else “green” that comes our way.

I love sharing our story, and the things we’re doing to help save our beautiful planet. At Green-Mom.com we focus on current environmental issues, share tips & ideas, go over things we’ve tried and offer tons of information about products!

Please connect with me on social media and help spread the word of sustainable living.

Thanks for reading; we hope you enjoy yourself!

Fredrica, James, Isabella, Noah & Liam

To contact us drop us an email: info@green-mom.com

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