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A Holistic Approach to Beautify Your Skin from the Inside Out

By Sophia Smith:







What we need to understand, accept and live by is the mantra that beauty truly comes from within. Holistic medicine works on the principle of treating the whole person — mind, body and soul — instead of simply treating the symptoms of the issues at hand. These treatments involve a lot of changes in lifestyle, diet and even the way of thinking, in order to achieve complete balance and overall wellness.

Here is how to apply the holistic approach to achieve glowing, radiant and healthy skin:

Adopting a Balanced Diet







A healthy body greatly depends on good dietary choices, so do your best to stay away from sugar, processed foods and white flour; and try to incorporate more superfoods, which are packed with micro- and macronutrients, essential for proper body functions; and antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which do wonders for your skin. From beans and broccoli sprouts to blueberries, flax seeds and Brazil nuts, there is an abundance of superfood options to create healthy and balanced meals that will get you in shape and give you glowing skin as a bonus.

Using Mild and Natural Skincare







An increasing number of women are opting for natural skincare or products meant for sensitive skin, which are much more gentle and mild, and are starting to pay closer attention to the ingredients lists. These cosmetic products contain only natural ingredients that help treat skin issues and keep your complexion soft and supple without harming your skin with harsh chemicals. So, when choosing skincare products, opt for those made from completely natural ingredients, such as a jojoba moisturisermade from hydrating and nourishing jojoba oil; and look for superfood ingredients, such as acai, goji or green tea, all completely natural remedies that will keep your complexion radiant and glowing.

The Importance of Movement







While a healthy body and healthy skin depend on a balanced diet, safe ingredients and good sleeping habits, there truly is no life without movement. This is how we make our bodies stronger and more resilient, and how we get rid of toxins and ensure that our body and skin are safe. There are endless types of physical activity to choose from, but if you want to follow the holistic principle and treat your mind, body and soul, yogais the perfect option. Not only does it bring you strength and flexibility, but it also helps you get rid of stress, and become more centered and serene.

Living Mindfully







It’s important to wake up with a sense of purpose. Therefore, try to get up as soon as your alarm goes off, as the snooze button is your greatest enemy, then sit in your bed and first give thanks for all the blessings in your life, whether it’s your job, your family, your health, or anything else positive. Once you express your gratitude and start the day off on a positive note, you will attract positivity and only good things throughout the day. This is a small step for your skin, but a big one for you.

Once your body is optimized from the inside, your skin will reap the benefits in no time, so start treating your skin from within today and see the fruits of your labor in the mirror sooner than you think.

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