9 Attractive Flowers that Bloom in the Winter Season

By Ann Sander:

If you are a fan of flowers but cannot grow some due to extreme weather conditions in your area during winter, worry no more. There are several flowers that bloom in the winter time such as Nemesia, Witch Hazel and Pansy flower.

These flowers are known to be resistant to the cold weather and can still produce magnificent colored petals even during this season. Here are 9 flowers that bloom in winter season that you might consider growing.

#1. Calendula

Calendula flowers come in a variety of colors which include but not limited to yellow, pastel hues, orange and blend of dual-colors. It flowers can be self-sown. It can go grow individually or by pairs.

You promote branching and encourage more blooming, you can utilize pinch seedlings. Furthermore, as you remove spent blossoms, the more flowers tend to form.

The petals from this plant can be eaten. They can serve as a great addition on soups, salads and rice. Moreover, they are perfect as a pop of color or garnish on desserts.

#2. Hellebore

Hellebore flowers are in the shape of a cup. One thing to note is that it does not blossom all year round. They usually just grow during the winter time and can reach a height of up to two feet.

There are a number of varieties to choose from as it grows well on different colors. It is fond of moisture and shade. When exposed to both, they can grow very well.

Among the characteristics that flower enthusiasts love about Hellebore flowers is that it is shade tolerant and frost resistant. It can last for a long period of time even when the weather is extremely cold.

#3. Nemesia

Nemesia flowers bloom with a very strong color. It may come in purple, yellow, blue, red and white. You have many variations to choose from. In the winter time, it can grow up to 18 inches tall.

This plant adores moist soil. Thus, it is important to constantly water it when it tends to dry out. It also blossoms best during the after nun when there is full to light sun shade. It is a low-maintenance plant as you do not need to remove spent blossoms.

#4. Pansy

Pansy flower offers several color variety from bi-colors, blends and simple solids. Due to its wide range of color selection, it is commonly used on planting designs.

Growing this plant is easy during the winter time. It blossoms well when its soil is moist and is enriched with nutrient-filled organic matter. Furthermore, it can handle full to light sun shade.

This plant usually forms a clump among themselves. Nevertheless, there are new types of pansies available that establish a trail. During the winter time, it can grow as high as 10 inches tall.

#5. Winter heath

Blossoms with purple and pink hues, this urn-shaped flower grows well even during the winter time. It grows on a low height and in a group.

The plant prefers to grow on an acidic soil. Compared with other heaths, it is more tolerant on an extremely cold weather. It is the earliest bloomer among most of the winter blossoming plants.

The flowers in this heath may start blossoming even before winter. With this, you may expect little flowers with bright colors to pop as soon as the winter comes into the picture.

#6. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum flowers are commonly known to hug the ground. You can compare its form with a mat of flowers that blooms in dainty colors such as white, pink and purple. It exudes a nice honey fragrance that attracts pollinators. With this, it tends to get sowed even before the winter time starts.

During the winter time, it may grow up to nine inches tall. It blossoms well on a gritty soil. Avoid utilizing soggy soil but make sure to drain it well. Moreover, it loves the full sun as well as afternoon shade.

This flower is great as a front border or edging part of a plant. You may also use it as decorations on rock gardens and tucking on flagstones.

#7. Witch Hazel

Being one of the late bloomers, this flower is one of the plants that blossom in the end of winter. It has a ribbon-petal shaped flowers that comes in yellow and copper colors during its early days on January. A few months in the line, it will turn into full bloom during March and shall have a vibrant red color.

Compared with other winter growing flowers, witch hazel is less prone to diseases and insect vulnerabilities. With this, you will have no problems with pests.

#8. Bachelor’s Buttons

Having blue-colored petals with ruffles at the end, these flowers are great additions to your planting beds. Its white and pink variety is also a usual pick when it comes to cottage garden bouquets.

When this flower blooms, it beckons butterflies and birds for seeding. With this, it is capable of self-sowing freely. Though considered low maintenance, you can remove spent flowers to limit its self-sowing features.

During its peak, it can grow as tall as 36 inches. It blossoms well on a soil that is well-drained. Moreover, it can handle full to light sun shade.

#9. Winter Aconite

Winter Aconite flowers bloom during the last part of the winter. It is known to be the first flowers to blossom at the start of spring.

These are yellow blossoms which has a cup shape which can be brilliantly displayed in a group. It can easily blossom on full or light sun shade. Many people love this flower as it is a great choice for décor on vases or containers.

In general, most flowers that bloom in winter such as Winter Aconite, Sweet Alyssum and Pansy flower are known to be annuals. You plant and allow them to grow during a period and can survive the cold weather. Unlike perennials that are not tough, the annuals are great to add in your garden during the winter time as they add color and vibrancy to a gloomy weather.

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