5 Ways You Can Create An Organized Home

Natalie Wilson:

There is no right way to organize your home. No matter what strategy you choose, it has to work with your habits, lifestyle and taste. There are some small and smart approaches you can take to get organized in order to save the money, time and stress that accompanies living in an unorganized home.

Don’t Buy Storage Containers Straight Away

When people are looking to get organized, the first thing they usually do is buy storage supplies. In actuality, this is one of the last things you should do. First, evaluate what you already have and why you have so much stuff rather than find new ways to store the clutter.

Get Rid of Clutter Hotspots

Flat surfaces, such as your dining table, kitchen counters and sideboards tend to accumulate piles of clutter faster than any other place in your house. If you can, clear all flat surfaces as part of your nightly routine. If this doesn’t work for you, then you need to physically block the surfaces that become a clutter-haven. For example, a strategically placed vase of flowers on a sideboard or a ready-laid table will deter placing clutter there.

Look for Smart Additions

This doesn’t mean that you should add to an already unorganized collection; instead, by condensing different items into one, you are able to get rid of more products at once. Start with the bulkier items and work your way around your home.

Windows and doorways can become clutteredquickly, so look for ways to condense these spaces. Blackoutand Intu blinds eliminate the need for both blinds and curtains, and often can be fitted directly to the windows rather than the space above the windows. For things you tend to ditch at the door — shoes, keys, scarfs, etc. — add a smart storage spaceover a radiator or along a wall.

 Make Putting Things Away Easier

Make organization a one-handed operation. For example, don’t hide your laundry basket at the back of your wardrobe or in a spare bedroom. Instead, use an open basket into which you can throw your clothes from across a room. Avoid lids at all costs, as employing open containers for items that you use often will make putting things away easier. The fewer steps in implementing an organizational system, the better.

 Learn to Make Quick Decisions

There are three criteria you should apply to every item you have: you’ve used it in the last year, you need or love it, or it fits into the life you want. If it ticks at least one of these guidelines, then keep it. Anything else can be discarded, donated or recycled. Don’t get dragged down with the idea of needing to keep everything. 

Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer and avid decorator. She loves discovering home renovation blogs and Instagram accounts and spending her free time shopping. She aims to buy her own home in the next year and begin her very own renovation project! You can connect with her on Twitter @NatWilson976.

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