5 Natural Skincare Tips You Are Yet to Try

By Natalie Wilson:

 We all know that beauty is more than skin deep. The average person uses, sprays and lathers 10 different skin care products on his/her body each and every day. As our skin acts as a sponge rather than a barrier, we absorb the chemicals that we regularly expose our skin to.

Whilst cosmetic companies maintain that the chemicals in their products are safe — and the majority of them are — consider how the average woman wears and applies makeup every day; then you may begin to realize how small dabs here and there soon begin to add up. The fact is, no one really knows just how chemicals may affect us over time, or how they can react in our bodies. When it comes to your beauty and skincare regime, you may be wondering how you can make green changes or alterations to yours.

 Make Sure that “Natural” Really Means “Natural”

Toxic and synthetic chemicals are the biggest issue in the beauty and skincare industry today; so, when it comes to looking at product labels, keeping a focused eye is important. For example, the words “natural” and “all natural” are not typically regulated terms. It is important that you look deeper into the ingredients, and make a decision based on both the quantity and quality of the ingredients used to make the product.

 Dont Fall For Trends

Every now and then, new and exciting trends come to light and promise to be the magic cure that your skin needs. However, these can often end up being cruel, either to your skin or to the planet.

Some of the most popular examples from over the years include placenta pills and fish pedicures (which included having dozens of small fish exfoliating the soles of your feet). Instead of spending and wasting money on the newest fads, investing in things that you know will work best for your skin and are kind to you and the planet would be best.

 Ditch the Plastic

The beauty industry is well known for its excessive use of plastic and plastic products. With bottles, packaging and sometimes ingredients, to altogether ditch plastic from our beauty regimes can be a hard task.

One way to get started is to start using natural productsin recycled plastic or glass containers. For example, rather than using numerous different cleansing products, almond oil is ideal for removing makeup and for cleansing skin, and can be stored in a glass bottle or tub. When it comes to cosmetic products, there are many items that contain plastic. Mascara is a product full of microplastics, and is often packaged and applied using plastic. Glitter and microbeads alsoare notoriously bad for the environment and are going through huge government scrutiny across the globe. Look for products labelled as plastic free or environmentally friendly, including some cosmetic glitterand plastic-free mascarabrands.

 Replace Products as You Go

Throwing out and replacing products is not only a waste of products, but also a waste of money. When you’re wanting to switch to a green way of living, don’t stress over having to find and buy new products all at once. It is important to bear in mind that effective skincare routines are supposed to work synergistically, so you should stick to onechange at a time.Using skincare products from different brands and ranges may have an effect on your skin, as the balance of the active ingredients may counteract one another.

 Smell Good Naturally

Everyone loves a beautiful fragrance or body spray; however, fragrances and perfumes can contain up to 3,100 different chemical ingredients, many of which are synthetic. A lot of these chemicals have been shown to affect asthma, create skin irritation, and cause hormone and respiratory issues.

 If you can’t bear to part with your daily spritz of fragrance, it may be time to start avoiding the ones which use harsh chemicals, especially if you have sensitive skin. A lot of designer fragrances are natural and use traceable ingredients.A huge advocate for these perfumes,L’Occitane uses over 200 different botanical ingredients in their range of products, many of which are certified organic.

 For a more budget-friendly choice, natural oils and essences are the perfect addition to any perfume collection. From vanilla and coconut to jasmine and rose, there is a huge number of different scents available that can be applied directly to skin or added to baths if you want to indulge in a self-care day.

 Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer and avid decorator. She loves discovering home renovation blogs and Instagram accounts and spending her free time shopping. She aims to buy her own home in the next year and begin her very own renovation project! You can connect with her on Twitter @NatWilson976.

February 25, 2019

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