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5 Landscaping Tips for Large Spaces

By Kerry Brooks:

Perhaps the most blissful feeling in life is having a house you can call your own. But having a large yard for landscaping is a luxury!

Take note, however, that just because you have the frill of a spacious yard, you can’t simply implement every idea your heart desires. The goal of landscaping is to interweave several different areas into a communal space but still offer elements of privacy, functionality and aesthetics.

Without further ado, here are 5 simple but useful landscaping tips for large spaces:

1.  Elevate Plantings

Whether you’re planning to incorporate all kinds of flora species in your yard, elevating them is a brilliant idea. Raised garden beds are not only affordable, but they also add dimension in your large space. You can use a myriad of standard elements like wood, rocks, plastic or even glass bottles! Just make sure there is enough sunlight.







2.  Divide the Property into Separate Areas of Function

A large outdoor space will give you the benefit of integrating different functional areas, which is perfect if you have kids or invite people over. Some of the most common areas are an outdoor kitchen, a dining space, recreational sections for kids and pets, fire pits; even a brick oven adds a nice touch to your outdoor landscape. You also can create a “private” area enclosed with bushes or beautiful plants for that much-needed “me” time.





3.  Dress Up Your Driveway

There is nothing more welcoming than coming into a clean and stunning driveway after a hard day’s work. A plain entrance is dull and uninspiring. Beautify your driveway with stamped concrete or cobblestone. These materials are affordable and never grow old. You also can line your driveway with pretty flowers and decorative lights, providing it a lively look during daytime and warmth during nighttime.










4.  Landscape Grading

Landscape grading is more than just beautification. Its purpose is also to prevent your yard from flooding, eroding or incurring other drainage issues. Make sure you add terraces, slopes and wide lawns. One major problem of improper landscape grading is water pooling. When water pools in your yard, it could become a breeding ground for mosquitos.







5.  Optimize Precipitation

With a great yard comes great responsibility. Remember that you’re also tending to proper soil moisture. That doesn’t mean you’d have to turn your sprinklers on day in and day out. Ensure that your soil is getting enough precipitation to survive the drier months (some areas are drier than others) and preserve your landscape.

If you’re on your way to a beautiful outdoor landscape, remember these five helpful landscaping tips to get the most out of your time, money and effort.

Kerry Brooks is a passionate blogger who loves to write about home renovation, landscaping ideas and home designs. She frequently blogs at 1stClass Gardening Ltd, a professional gardening company based in London, which offers hassle-free quality gardening services including mowing, fertilizing, weed care, mulch

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