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Making Eco-friendly Choices at the Grocery Store

By Larraine Roulston : Many years ago I offered eco-friendly supermarket tours as an event during Canada’s Waste Reduction Week. With approximately a dozen concerned citizens each time, I noted the items that were either a wise or a poor environmental choice. As the activity also provided a good opportunity for …

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DIY Lip Balm

By Kim Robson: For as long as I can remember, my lips have been prone to dryness, chapping and even painful cracking. There is never a time when I don’t have a tube of lip balm at hand; one lives on the living room table, another in my purse, and …

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California Voted Yes on Plastic Bag Ban

By Fredrica Syren: Wow, what an election it was! And I for one am happy that something positive did come out of all this: California voted yes on Proposition 67 to ban single use plastic bags. So what does this exactly mean, and how will this affect the consumers? Proposition …

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WeWood Watch Review

By Fredrica Syren: When trying to live an eco-conscious life, finding watches made with sustainable materials was a challenge until I found WeWood watches. Get this … the watch is made of wood! My WeWood watch is made with 100% Natural Wood, and is both hypoallergenic and completely free of …

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Gluten Free Vegetarian Thanksgiving Sides 

By Emma Grace Fairchild: There’s certainly nothing wrong with the expected Thanksgiving side dishes (and plenty of ways to spruce them up and make them more healthful), but there are many other options to explore. Especially since I’ve been gluten-free for the last five years, getting creative with sides guarantees having tasty …

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Biking in Cities and How to Make It Safer

By Emma Grace Fairchild: Bikes are great for getting around, for reducing carbon emissions, and for providing low impact exercise; and it is accessible across many abilities. Cities especially benefit from having more cyclists and fewer cars. Economic studies in Denmark claim a net increase of 23 cents for each …

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The 5 Most Polluted Foods to Buy Organic

By Fredrica Syren aka Green Mom: Let’s face it — food is expensive. I know that as much as anyone because I feed a family of five, 5 meals a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, another snack and dinner) 7 days a week. Now, if you factor in organic food to …

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Natural Remedies for the Common Cold & Flu 

By Larraine Roulston : When you feel the onset of a cold, have a fever, or come in contact with a flu bug, there are many home remedies that will help. Keeping yourself well hydrated and allowing yourself time to rest, followed by using natural healing spices, herbs and essential oils …

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Free Range Kids in Oregon

By Kim Robson: Those of us over a certain age still remember unsupervised outdoor playtime. We went out on our bikes or roller skates, visited neighborhood friends, bought candy at the 7-11, explored empty canyons, collected rocks and critters, and didn’t return home until dusk. And we walked or biked …

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