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Problems of Picky Eaters

Emma Grace Fairchild: There’s a growing amount of information available about childhood physical development, and nutrition is becoming an issue for many families. How do we get the most nutritious foods into children’s diets? The “Five a Day” recommendations set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests a variety of …

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Zero Waste Beauty Tips–Natural Beauty

 By Amanda Wilkes: The main idea behind the zero waste beauty approach is to minimize/eliminate the plastic, refill and buy in bulk whenever possible, make your own body care products and cosmetics, support green companies, and get rid of all single-use/disposable products. Now, it may seem like a lot, but …

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How To Raise Green Kids

By Larraine Roulston: At no other time in history than now has it been more important to encourage children to be green. To raise eco-conscious children, you have to teach by example. If, for example, the family frequents events, be sure to lug-a-mug for those popular drinks that all enjoy, …

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Bringing New Life to Your Outdated Sweater

By Amanda Wilkes: It is nearly time for spring cleaning, and this year I am including my closet on the list of things to do. Most of the time I donate old clothes that I am no longer wearing; however, I’m thinking of doing something different with my outdated sweaters. …

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Screen Time Effect on Kids

By Fredrica Syren: At a parent meeting in my daughter’s Waldorf School, the subject of screen time in the form of TV, TV games, ipad and iPhone was brought up. It turns out we have a few students with, shall we say, a very “adult” vocabulary, and some parents have …

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Greening Room-by-Room Series: The Bathroom

By Larraine Roulston: This segment of our “Room-by-Room” greening series focuses on the bathroom. By investing your time to adapt greener methods and alter habits, you will be on your way to becoming more sustainable. GREENING THE BATHROOM Saving water is the major goal when scrutinizing the bathroom. You can …

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Sweden To Go Carbon Neutral by 2045

By Fredrica Syren: Sweden, where I was born and where we currently reside, was established as one of the 10 greenest countries in 2015, according to Ecowatch.com. I can’t say I’m too surprised, considering I have never lived in another country that focuses on making recycling super easy and convenient, …

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Fishermen’s Markets — California’s Pacific to Plate Law

By Kim Robson: We’re all familiar by now with the concept of farmers’ markets: growers and food producers sell their wares directly to the consumer, cutting out the middleman. Consumers can personally meet the people who produced their locally-grown food, ensure its quality and freshness, and eliminate wasteful packaging, all …

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Organic Baby Clothes — Why it Matters and How To Afford Them

By Fredrica Syren: With our firstborn, I was so happy to get pretty much everything, including all her clothes, as hand-me-downs, which saved us lots of money and saved the environment. As most parents know, with a baby comes the need to buy lots of things for them: furniture, car …

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Bedtime Stories Benefits

 By Amanda Wilkes: I remember as a child being enamored with my bedtime story. It didn’t matter if it was my mom, dad, aunt, uncle or cousin who was reading to me or telling me a story — I wanted to use my last ounce of imagination before I drifted …

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