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Nursing — And Endless Questioning of It

By Fredrica Syren: I am fortunate to have breastfed three kids. I nursed my last one the longest, for 22 months, and he just stopped on his own. I have to say that I was not ever really prepared for when my kids would stop nursing, and it always left …

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By Andrea Patin: Renewable, sustainable and organic- three of our favorite descriptive words when it comes to a product for children. It is not very often we hear or think of our mattresses being just that. I have come across Naturalmat (http://www.naturalmatusa.com/) and now my little guy sleeps snug as …

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Recycling School Supplies

By Larraine Roulston: Reusing, Recycling and Repurposing school supplies are several ways to encourage children to be part of their Zero Waste Generation. I’m still writing notes in my children’s half used workbooks left from their public school days. Before discarding a full written workbook that has either a metal spring …

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Double Food Pyramid — A Vision of Health for People and the Earth

By Dawna Matthews: Food, diet, nutrition, calories, what to eat, how much, in what combination — these are all recommendations we consider on some level each day. Different government organizations have been informing people on diet with recommendations regarding topics such as nutritional guidelines and serving sizes for quite some …

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Arsenic and Rice — The Poisonous Truth

By Fredrica Syren: Rice is a staple crop and the dietary foundation for many of the world’s population. I for one love rice. No wonder it is so popular: it’s an excellent source of energy, is packed with vitamins and minerals, and provides an excellent source of vitamin E, B …

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Threats To The Great Barrier Reef

By Kim Robson: A recent report revealed that, due mainly to cyclones and damage from the Crown-of-thorns starfish, the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) had lost 50% of its living coral. The GBR also faces new threats from coral bleaching, ocean water acidification and coal shipping. All coral reefs suffer from …

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The Not So Sweet Truth about Sugar

By Fredrica Syren: Not long ago, I found myself addicted to sugar. I know — sad, right? … I’m a health conscious person who always tries to eat healthy and teach my kids the same, but last year I realized that I was starting to treat myself to some sweets …

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