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A Greener Way To (Gift) Wrap

By Amanda Wilkes: There have been far too many Christmas mornings and days after birthday bashes when I have found myself throwing away an excessive amount of gift wrap. All that paper, all those trees — for a mere second of gift wrap admiration. Everyone is so focused on what …

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Adult Coloring Books–Lose Yourself In The World Of Art

By Kim Robson: I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about these intricate coloring books for grown-ups. Recently I broke down and got one, and it is just delightful. I had an old box of 48 Prismacolor art pencils, so I was ready to start immediately. It’s a great …

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More Tips To Eliminate Plastic

By Larraine Roulston: With new reports revealing that climate change is worse than first predicted, citizens as well as government leaders attending the Paris summit must do their part. One issue is lessening our dependency on oil based plastics. Although this seems to be a daunting and never ending challenge, …

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Best Ways and Reasons To Make Coffee at Home

By Emma Grace Fairchild: Those who know me know how big of a role coffee plays in my daily life. It’s the first part of my routine in the morning and a frequent guest in my afternoons as well. My apartment currently holds five different ways to make coffee (and …

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Clothing Share Subscription: Eco-Friendly or Not?

By Amanda Wilkes: When I learned about clothing share subscriptions, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. If you’re anything like me, you cannot stand going to the overly packed mall! It all begins with trying to find a parking spot, then searching for hours on end for …

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Coming Soon, Genetically Modified Salmon to Your Grocery Store

By Fredrica Syren: Ahhh, salmon. Known for its pink color and healthy fats and, of course, being one of the most delicious fish to eat. It used to be that salmon came from Alaska or Norway until farmed raised salmon became available, and now…genetic salmon is making its way onto …

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Keeping Fabrics Out of Landfills

By Larraine Roulston: For the most part, we want our unwanted clothing to be reused. Many mothers pass their children’s outgrown outfits to friends’ children, while women of various ages host clothes swapping parties. Supporting local thrift stores and clothing drop boxes are other examples. Torn and stained textiles do …

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Action Against Climate Change Starts with World Leaders

By Fredrica Syren:  If there is one thing world leaders from 195 countries gathering in Paris for the UN global warming talk agree on, it’s that global warming is the greatest threat that humanity faces and that we have to act now. The question I have is whether or not …

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Children’s Books About Being Eco-friendly

By Dawna Matthews From a very young age, I have always been an avid reader, and one of my favorite share times with my daughter Chloé is story time. It’s a wonderful time for us to cuddle up and go to a whole new world. Sometimes I like to read something that …

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Benefits of Cooking in Bulk

By Amanda Wilkes: For so many years I lived alone and always disliked cooking because I unfailingly would have too many leftovers. (I’d be beyond disgusted with my spaghetti by day three!) I guess I just didn’t know any better, but why didn’t I think to freeze my oversized meals …

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