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Food Waste — Where Does the Problem Start?

By Fredrica Syren: The issue of food waste has become a hot topic these days. And although I’m pretty sure there always has been food waste — more or less from homes, restaurants and grocery stores — it has escalated in recent years. I already have covered the issue with …

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Electricity-Free Refrigerator

By Kim Robson:  Indian entrepreneur Mansukhbhai Raghavbhai Prajapati has created a refrigerator that keeps food cool without using any electricity. The Gujarat-based potter makes his natural MittiCool refrigerator entirely from clay. It provides an electricity-free food storage alternative for people in rural areas who can’t afford conventional refrigerators or anyone …

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Beautiful B12

By Amanda Wilkes: You may not know it, but B12 is an essential vitamin that the entire family will benefit from. It is the vitamin that will encourage healthy brain development, memory, healthy skin and appropriate blood pressure in breastfeeding mothers, infants, children and adults. The suggested daily intake for …

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SeaWorld Phasing Out Orca Shows

By Kim Robson: The time has come. SeaWorld is finally beginning to accept the fact that public acceptance of live killer whale shows has declined dramatically in the wake of the documentary Blackfish. Earlier this year, SeaWorld announced plans to build a much larger enclosure to display their orcas. However, …

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I’m Bored Mommy! — Quick Kids’ Craft Ideas

By Fredrica Syren: With three kids, I feel as if I’m constantly on the go with cleaning, feeding, dressing, changing diapers, picking up toys, and of course — the fun of cleaning it up again. My kids have tons of energy and imagination, but there are times when they look …

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Support An Organic and Local farm when Buying A Turkey This Season

By Fredrica Syren: In most households, a turkey is the centerpiece at the Thanksgiving meal. And there may be no better time than the harvest season to make the statement that you believe in serving good quality, fresh food to your family. Better still, you can do so by supporting local farmers …

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The Fishy Business Of Farmed Fish

By Fredrica Syren a.k.a Green mom As a kid, I used to go fishing with my grandpa, and my mom would cook the fish we caught. It tasted so amazing. Today, most people get their fish from the fish counter at a local grocery store, and they have to choose …

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Flexitarian / Weekday Vegetarian

By Emma Grace Fairchild: Does being a vegetarian sound to you like a big commitment? Maybe you’ve been flirting with the idea of trying a vegetarian diet with your family, or you’ve switched to eating organic or pasture raised meats. Perhaps “Meatless Monday” is a success in your home and …

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Ways To Reuse Cardboard and Paper

By Kim Robson: Naturally, we’ve all gotten used to the idea of recycling paper products. Recycling bins, especially for paper, are everywhere now. Even my grocery store clerks have separate bins for trash and paper, so I can toss my grocery list without guilt. But before you recycle that paper …

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Free Range Eggs Are Not “Eggs-actly” What You Think

By Larraine Roulston: The terms Cage-Free, Free-Range, Organic, Natural, Certified Humane and BC SPCA Certified are difficult for the well-intentioned shopper to determine which labels truly reflect their message and which are green- or humane-washed. Many people are disconcerted to learn that the vast majority of eggs are produced by …

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