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Eat Your Greens — Can You Eat Carrot and Beet Tops?

By Fredrica Syren: At the farmers’ market, you will be offered to have carrot and beet tops removed; you can see them in big piles behind the vendors. Most people, including myself at one point, have no idea that beet and carrot tops are edible and — more important — …

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Giant Sequoias Are No Doubt Feeling the Drought

By Amanda Wilkes: In its size and stature, the California state tree undoubtedly trumps most others. The ancient Giant Sequoia can grow to be over 30 stories high, with a 30-foot diameter. They have been thriving in many areas for over 3,000 years! Unfortunately, even with all their strength and …

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Why And How To Avoid Processed Food

By Larraine Roulston: For everybody’s convenience, processed foods are readily available on grocery store shelves. Science-based evidence indicates that these edibles have harmful effects that include cancer, obesity, diabetes, and kidney and heart disease.  These health problems now are linked to the standard American diet mainly of animal and processed foods. …

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Goodbye Plastic, Hello Glass Containers for Storing Food

By Fredrica Syren: As my family continues our journey towards a plastic free life, we have replaced almost all plastics in the kitchen. Food storage had been one area I struggled with at the beginning — only because I really didn’t know what I could use instead. I know how …

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Pesticide Drift Is Threatening Organic Crops

By Kim Robson: First we heard about monocultured, genetically modified (GM) farming methods resulting in Monsanto’s RoundUp weedkiller showing up in air and water samples. Now even organic food is being threatened with being contaminated by these chemicals and transgenes because nothing natural lives in a vacuum — everything is …

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No Bake Summer Fruit Treats

By Fredrica Syren: I love summer for many reasons, but one major explanation is the abundance of fresh, sweet berries and fruit available only during summer months. My family love eating fruit and berries as is, but it’s also fun to make enjoyable treats and desserts. However, during the warm …

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Process Processed Foods out of Your Life

By Amanda Wilkes: We’ve all become victims of processed foods. At times I have found myself in the downward spiral of a processed foods vortex that was seemingly impossible to retreat from. I’d notice only processed foods while trying to grab a quick bite between my college classes. While cramming for …

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Climate Change vs. Economy

By Fredrica Syren: The one argument I often hear for why we should not take action to fight climate change is that it’s too expensive. When I hear that, I really don’t know if I should laugh or cry. The fact is that climate change is as much of an …

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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee–More Uses for Old Coffee Grounds

By Larraine Roulston: Besides composting coffee grounds and sprinkling them around rose bushes, I’ve discovered there are other ways to utilize this valuable resource. There appear to be some very clever people who have discovered several ways to put the daily java grounds to good use. Other sneaky uses for the …

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Life without Electricity? Why, Yes!

By Kim Robson: The small mountain community where I live, Cuyamaca Woods, is completely “off the grid,” and has been so since its creation in 1969. The remoteness here is what really attracted my husband and me. There is no electricity other than what we make ourselves, so everyone in …

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