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Eco Travel for Conservation of Nature and Resources

By Jenny Richards: Eco travelling involves visiting natural areas that are relatively less known and undisturbed. These destinations are less visited and hence cheaper to the more well-established and treaded destinations. The purpose of eco-tourism is to support local people and fulfil the causes of ecological conservation. Green tourism, also termed eco …

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Cauliflower Mac’n Cheese

By Fredrica Syren: Real homemade mac & cheese is a weakness of mine, but it’s hard to think about all that cheese and creaminess without starting to feel myself bloating. So I never make it. I’ve realized, though, that pureed cauliflower is incredibly creamy, so I got an idea to use …

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Don’t Forget About Earth Hour Today!

Today at 8:30PM we should all turn of all lights and take an hour to reflect on Global Warming and what is happening to our planet and how we can change things. We’ll be celebrating as always with candle lights, card games and talking about mother earth and what we’re …

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How To Start a Community Garden

By Larraine Roulstona: In urban neighborhoods, citizens have come together to create community gardens. The group volunteers may find a suitable plot on property belonging to a community center, library, rooftop, senior residences; or they may discover a small area of vacant land within the city. Once they have secured …

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The Future of Our Health and Food Supply: New USDA Dietary Guidelines

By Dawna Matthews: Over the years we have heard conflicting dietary recommendations. Experts have recommended everything from fat free to no cholesterol and more. Every study seems to conflict with the other and can make healthy eating choices confusing. Most of us know that, despite all these diet trends and …

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Ways To Repurpose Egg Cartons

By Kim Robson: As an ovo-lacto-pesco vegetarian, I go through a lot of eggs for protein. All those cardboard egg cartons, luckily, are eminently recyclable and reusable. Read on for some tips on ways to repurpose those cartons instead of just throwing them into the recycle bin: Recycle them yourself …

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UN Reports of Zero Women’s Equality in the World

By Fredrica Syren: As we celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th, it made me think about women’s rights and equality in the world. How far have we come since our mothers and myself? I surely have experienced lack of equality in my life and career, and many times have …

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Easter Bunnies Hopping to Green Holiday

By Larraine Roulston: Spring offers a sense of renewal as green moms embrace Easter with eco-friendly action. Begin by searching your home for suitable containers to serve as Easter baskets. Avoid purchasing cellophane grass; instead, crumple tissue paper, find cotton in your medicine cabinet, or choose a fabric as a …

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Are Canned Veggies Bad for You?

By Kim Robson: The process of preserving fresh foodstuffs without the use of salting or drying began during the first years of the Napoleonic Wars, when the French government offered 12,000 francs in prize money to anyone who could invent a cheap and effective way to preserve large amounts of …

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