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Filo Rolls with Veggie Filling

By Fredrica Syren: Today I worked on cleaning my fridge and freezer, and found I had whole wheat filo (phyllo) dough in the freezer. Since it had been there for a while, I decided it was time to use it. The filling was very simple: mushrooms, arugula, zucchini and onion. …

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Recycle of the 3Rs Hierarchy

By Larraine Roulston: At a recycling conference I attended, a guest speaker related a story that, after WWI, some politicians in the United States were told to encourage their citizens to continue sorting metal and paper. After all, people were already in that habit to support the war effort. However, …

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How To Encourage a Good Sibling Relationship

By Fredrica Syren: Lately there has been a lot of fighting between my 4-year-old Noah and his sister, 8-year-old Bella. All afternoon long I find myself mediating between them. It’s not one’s fault more than the other. Bella likes doing things she knows will make her brother sad, and he …

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Is Silicone Bakeware Safe?

By Kim Robson: Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of silicone bakeware products on the market. The advantage of silicone bakeware is that it’s nonstick and easy to clean, at least more so than other traditional types of bakeware. Muffin cups, bread pans, baking mats and egg poachers are among …

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Reasons to Remove Shoes Inside

By Dawna Matthews: When you visit other people in their homes, do you keep your shoes on or remove them? I come across more and more people who ask visitors to remove their shoes, and I am completely comfortable with this request. Over the years I have discovered that this …

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Green Light–Led Streetlights Powered By Plants

By Kim Robson: Last November in Hembrug, Netherlands, more than 300 LED lights were illuminated by a Dutch company launching a new energy project called “Starry Sky.” What makes this electricity different is that it’s made by harnessing the energy of living plants. The company, Plant-e, envisions a future when …

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Naturally Dealing With The Stomach Bug

By Fredrica Syren: Many years ago, before hubby and I were married, he got the stomach bug and I, as the loving girlfriend, took care of him while he was sick. I was horrified when he was advised to eat bananas, eggs and cream of wheat as his “first” foods. …

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Using Essential Oils as Perfume to Feel and Smell Wonderful

By Dawna Matthews: The sense of smell often transports us to a place, a memory, or a feeling. Aromas have been used for ages to mask body odor, tantalize the senses, and anoint individuals during rituals. As our world has evolved, we still use our sense of smell for taste …

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Have Faith–How I found Mine

By Fredrica Syren: Here in Sweden we have lots of Romans, also known as gypsies, begging for money on the street. It seems that on every corner and outside every store a man or woman sits on the ground with pictures of his or her kids and a cup for …

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