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Eating Healthy on a Student Budget

By Emelie Sandström: On a daily basis, I will see/hear/read about people who think eating organic food is way too expensive. So theyʼll go for the quick, easy option of a frozen meal or something similar. Whether a student or anyone else on a limited budget, eating organic and healthfully …

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I almost forgot it’s Thanksgiving today since we now live so far away from all Thanksgiving festivities. But talking to friends and hearing them plan for this holiday made me think about gratefulness. I think it’s one thing that we tend to forget about and maybe won’t take the time …

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Have a Green Thanksgiving

By Larraine Roulston:  Thanksgiving is arguably one of the year’s most celebrated events, bringing family members together from far and wide. But, with travel come travel emissions. To lessen them, try to select the host location most central to everyone. Train, bus, and public transportation are the best environmental choices for travel. …

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Thanksgiving — Gratitude Crafts

By Dawna Matthews: It’s a time of year for coming indoors a bit more and finding activities that fill the time and our hearts. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and a beautiful reminder of what we have to be grateful for in our lives — what we cherish and …

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Meals on the Go — Mason Jar Meals

By Emma Grace Fairchild: My life as a full time student is almost always on the go. With a desire to eat well, this usually means going about my day as prepared as possible to feed myself; otherwise, I’m stuck in the midst of a convenience store on campus, trying …

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Drink to Your Health: On Soda and Aging

By Dawna Matthews: We are faced with many choices each day. We make decisions that seem automatic and others which take some conscious thought. Each decision affects us on some level, and often times we don’t even realize it until several years later, especially if it is routine. The power …

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Walking or Biking Makes People Happy

By Larraine Roulston: Exercise boosts endorphins and helps with one’s mood. If you are lucky enough to be able to walk or bike to work or school, you will get your physical exercise and at the same time mark your arrival in good spirits, which allows for more productive creativity. …

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Organic Farmers Fighting Pesticides Sprayed by State   

By Fredrica Syren: Organic crops are being sprayed with pesticides. Now what is wrong with this sentence? Yes, usually “pesticides” and “organic” do not go hand in hand. As a matter of fact, if you grow organic food, pesticide should never be considered. That’s what organic food growers in California …

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Review: A Sudden Light Book (and Giveaway)

By Kim Robson:   In Garth Stein’s new novel, A Sudden Light, the author treats the reader to a complex plot spanning six generations, and weaves together the secrets and legacies of a once-great Pacific Northwest timber dynasty with the great-great-grandson who uncovers the dark history of The North Estate, the …

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