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Lettuce Love – For Your Garden and Your Soul

By Dawna Matthews: I am amazed by how beautiful my garden is this year, and I haven’t even really done much to it yet. My thyme and oregano are healthy and green; my green onions are long and lean; and my lettuce is blooming. I am quite a novice when …

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White House Installs Solar Panels in a Symbolic Gesture

By Fredrica Syren: Last week President Barack Obama, a big supporter of solar technology and renewable energy, unveiled new solar panels on The White House. It’s a symbolic gesture of the President’s climate action plan, but also a way to demonstrate that solar energy is possible for any situation or house, even in …

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Proposed FDA Regulations Could End Organic Farming

By Kim Robson: Back in 2010, Congress empowered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate farms. Recently, the FDA announced proposed new rules to better ensure food safety for the public. The new rules would affect all farms, but organic farming would be the most greatly affected. Time-honored …

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Zero Waste … Greenest Restaurant In the Midwest

By Larraine Roulston: When customers stop by Sandwich Me In, a small Chicago restaurant, they leave not only satisfied but also energized, having enjoyed locally produced, fresh, healthy food. And they are pleased that their dining experience created zero waste. In May 2012, owner and head chef Justin Vrany opened …

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Young Business Owner Inspires with Upcycled Designs

By Fredrica Syren: I love meeting people in general, but I particularly love meeting people who inspire  others in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. When I met Emilie Sandstrom at a local organic store and café, she was busy knitting. She explained that she likes keeping her hands busy. Emilie …

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Gardening, a Revolution of Beauty

By Dawna Matthews: There is a new movement sweeping across the nation, a movement many find to be radical and defiant. This movement threatens to educate and transform people and communities, end hunger, and add beauty to our world. What is this movement? It’s gardening … guerrilla gardening, to be exact. …

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Children’s Eco-Focused Book That Also Builds a Forest

By Fredrica Syren: The Old Red Barn is an Eco-focused children’s book about American farmland written and illustrated by Kevin Kelly and along with Dr. Chris Laingen, The Old Red Barn tells a relevant story about American Farms that kids can understand. So many children don’t know where their food comes from …

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Green, Clean Floors

By Kim Robson: Hubby and I finally bit the bullet and had new flooring installed in our home recently. (Before and After photos.) Afterwards, of course, we had to ask ourselves, “Why did we wait this long?” New floors are so hard to keep pristine, though. Especially living up here …

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Edible Weeds: Don’t Fight Them – Eat Them!

By Fredrica Syren: Most people, when finding dandelions or nettle in their garden, will with a sigh figure out how to get rid of them. Not me! When I come into my garden and find these little weeds, I cheer. Many weeds are edible and quite nutritional. During spring and …

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Disposable Diapers – Time for a Change!

 By Larraine Roulston: Choosing your baby’s diaper is an important decision when committing to green living and your baby’s health. Today’s mainstream choices include washing modern reusable diapers or buying disposables. Several disposable diaper brands are now advertising “Green, Pure and Natural.”   When you consider their life cycle, it is difficult to associate …

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