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The Flight of the Monarch Butterflies

By Dawna Matthews: Every year, during the fall and winter, monarch butterflies make a miraculous and long journey from Canada and through the United States to Michoacan, Mexico. Monarchs living east of the Rocky Mountains in North America fly south each fall and gather in the Oyamel fir and pine forest …

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Plastic Bags Recycled into Diesel Fuel

By Fredrica Syren: We live in a society where everything is plastic because of our throwaway mentality. For someone like me, who consciously tries to avoid plastic as much as possible, it’s hard and takes a lot of work; and sometimes even then I end up with plastic bags. There …

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Time To Start Planning for Planting

 By Centehua: The time has come to plan ahead for the warmth of spring. It will be here in no time, and I am really looking forward to an abundance of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, flowers, etc. Now is a good time to start some tomato seeds indoors because they take …

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The Children’s Pool In La Jolla Problem

By Kim Robson: The Children’s Pool Beach in La Jolla, California, is a small sandy beach that has been embroiled in controversy over public use vs. wildlife protection for over 20 years. In 1931, philanthropist Ellen Browning Scripps paid for a curving sea wall to be built to protect the …

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Sleep and How To Get Zzzzzz

By Fredrica Syren: This morning I woke up feeling groggy and zombie-like. It had been a  sleepless night because my younger son, 1-year-old Liam, is teething, so he was restless. Well, with three kids, I had no choice but get up once they woke up at 6 a.m. — all …

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How to Green Your Work Place

By Kim Robson: We all try our best to live our lives as sustainably as possible. We can change our habits at home and in our daily lives, but the office can be a bit more of a challenge. Let’s face it: we have to keep the lights on, and …

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Happy Birthday, Baby Brother

By Fredrica Syren: Today is our baby brother’s first birthday, and all I can say is that time seems to go faster with each child. He is as much like his brother and sister as he is different from them. Liam is a happy baby who loves to mimic and, …

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Global Winter Warming?

By Dawna Matthews: Here in the United States, the groundhog has seen his shadow and declared another 6 weeks of winter. As I look out my window, I see fluffy flakes of snow fall onto sparkling white as my daughter tries to catch them on her tongue. We even have …

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New “Climate Hubs” To Help Farmers Adapt to Extremes

By Fredrica Syren: The White House has promised to take executive actions to fight climate change. One example is the announced formation of a “climate hubs.” This initiative aims to help farmers and rural communities adapt to fires, droughts, floods, invasive pests and other effects of climate change, according to …

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Go Back to Your Roots — Root Vegetables

By Chef Centehua: Knowing your roots is empowering. Knowing how to prepare your roots is a delicious way to stay healthy. “Root” means any underground part of a plant. Root vegetables such as beet, carrot, yam, potato, tuber, ginger, rutabaga, onion, celery root, garlic, shallot, radish, fennel, daikon radish, burdock, Jerusalem artichoke, etc., …

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