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Happy New Year!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful last day of the year and I wish you a happy green new year! Love, Fredrica a.k.a Green mom and the whole green family James, Bella, Noah, Liam and staff Andrea, Kim, Dawna, Sherry, Jonathan, Julie, Centehua  

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Meatless Monday — Pizza Pizza

By Fredrica Syren: Friday nights are pizza night at our house, and since James got a pizza stone for Christmas a couple of years ago, we make pizza from scratch. Making your own pizza might be a little more work than making the normal dinner but the reward is great. …

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Happy December! Happy New Year!

By Julie Zeff:   I’ve been on a self-gifted sabbatical. After months of feeling tired, shorter fused than I wanted to be with my kids, and just generally burned out, I decided I was finally going to practice what I preach and listen to my mind and body. So I …

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Go Nuts For Nuts–Health Benefits of Nuts

By Chef Centehua: Nuts are delicious and incredibly nutrient rich. A primary source of healthy fats, they are one of my favorite foods. I began introducing more raw nuts into my diet when I started learning how to prepare raw foods. It was very interesting to see how, the more fat I consumed, the …

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Merry Christmas!!!

I’m taking two days off to celebrate Christmas with my green family. I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a happy holiday. Love, Fredrica a.k.a Green  

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Healthy Holiday Goodies

By Fredrica Syren: Oh, the holidays and how much I love them! The lights, the mood, getting together with friends and family,. And eating ….. a lot. I love it, but I hate how all the eating makes me feel, so this year my resolution is to make lots of …

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Green Christmas Gifts

By Centehua: The season is here again. The air is crisp and there are colored lights everywhere. It’s truly a lovely time of cheer and good will. However, if I may be perfectly honest, it seems that people around me move quicker during the holiday season, as if they are in …

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Eco-Friendly Birthday Parties

By Kim Robson: Birthdays come around only once a year and, as adults, we may have grown tired of these reminders of passing years. But for kids, a birthday is a very special day. It celebrates the child’s unique and special self, and marks the passing of another year at …

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Tips on How To Winter Proof Your Home the Green and Cheap Way

By Fredrica Syren: In the last weeks, temperatures have dropped and our home has gotten very cold. So, naturally we have turned on the heat. No matter whether you’re trying to keep your home cool or warm, it gets expensive and it’s not very good for the environment. Luckily, there …

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Colorado Moms Advocate For Clean Air

 By Dawna Matthews: Colorado is a beautiful state. The Rocky Mountains are epic and the expansive range now glitters with snow; the plains, canyons, forests, and lakes all contain visual delights at every corner. Coloradans are nature aficionados and enjoy the outdoors year-round. Because people who live here love the …

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