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Creamy Mushroom Soup with Apple and Walnut Toast

By Fredrica Syren On Fridays, my kids get to choose what we’re eating. You would think that would mean pizza, burgers or maybe hot dogs, right? Oh, not my kids, who are gourmet eaters. Bella had watched a cooking show with Jamie Oliver (her mom’s daughter, for sure!) and wanted …

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Totally Green Crafts

By Fredrica Syren  I’m always on the lookout for fun DYI crafts and came across this fabulous web site  called Totally Green Crafts that features so many fun craft projects. I love it because it includes recycling old things like mason jars, wine bottles and wine corks to repurpose them and invent …

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Stress—Its Effect and How To Deal with It

By Chef Centehua Stress is and has been a natural part of our lives for as far back as we can remember. It has its role in helping us stay alive. Life is dangerous, and we have survived ages of stressful situations. For us modern day western city folk, stress …

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Making Your Own Baby Food Puree

By Fredrica Syren  Our son Liam is almost seven months old and has started eating solids. I make all his food myself. It might seem overwhelming and time consuming to make your own baby food when you can so easily buy a couple of jars of food and know your …

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Is Safe Nuclear Power Possible?

By Kim Robson  Traditional nuclear power plants rely on highly unstable elements, uranium-235 and plutonium-239, to power a controlled fission reaction. This controlled chain reaction requires constant cooling to remain manageable. Often the coolant that is used is sea water. Both the 1979 meltdown at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island nuclear …

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Meatless Monday — Curried Vegetable and Lentil Soup

By Fredrica Syren It’s true that following a well balanced vegetarian diet is very good for your health, but I think it’s an assumption that all vegetarians and vegans eat healthfully. There are plenty of vegetarians and vegans who do not like vegetables and/or eat tons of processed foods. A …

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Autumn Equinox — Fall into Transitions

By Dawna Matthews The fall season is upon us and, with it, the autumn equinox. This is the time of balance, when day and night are of equal length. It is the portal into the darker, composting half of the year lasting until spring, when the light emerges and life …

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Helium Shortage–Is The Party Over?

By Kim Robson Have you heard about the looming worldwide helium shortage? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. To refresh your high school chemistry, helium is an chemical element with the symbol “He” and atomic number 2. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, nontoxic, inert gas that heads the noble …

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Litter-less and Yummy — Lunches Are So Easy and Green

By Dawna Matthews Back to school season has begun for many, and with school comes many transitions, changes, and fun: new teachers, new routines, school activities and the traditional bag lunch. Many find packing a healthy lunch for their children to be challenging, but just as challenging is packing a …

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