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Snack Attack — Homemade Snacks

By Chef Centehua Since becoming a mom, I carry snacks with me all the time. I usually prep a few snacks in the morning after breakfast and then we’re good to go. When my kids were toddlers, throughout the day they grazed on fruits, veggies with nut butters, hummus, raw …

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Youth Activist Takes On Monsanto

 By Kim Robson The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) airs a popular show called the Lang & O’Leary Exchange. Hosts Amanda Lang and Kevin O’Leary tackle the top business issues of the day in sometimes heated exchanges. Kevin O’Leary is a self-made billionaire who is proud to describe himself as “opinionated, ruthless, …

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Meatless Monday–Pasta with Chanterelles and Swiss Chard

By Fredrica Syren We try to eat as much local and organic food as possible, which also means we eat seasonal foods. For late summer here in Sweden, that means mushrooms, particularly chanterelles. Chanterelle mushrooms, the cream of the crop with their buttery flavor,  taste amazing in soups, on toast, …

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Can You Spoil Your Kids by Holding Them Too Much?

By Fredrica Syren Ever since my first baby was born almost 7 years ago, I’ve heard that you should not “spoil” babies and hold them too much, that they would then require being held all the time and wouldn’t self soothe or sleep. I guess there is some truth to …

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Preserve Our Beaches

 By Kim Robson A day at the beach is perfectly synonymous with summer. There’s nothing like strolling along the firm wet surf line with water lapping your ankles, or digging your toes into soft warm sand. And the beach invites sand castle making, burying loved ones up to their necks, …

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Keeping Your Sanity and Your Kids Happy while Flying

By Fredrica Syren Last week I moved my family to Sweden. It was the third time in one month that my kids had to endure a long international flight. For kids, flying is so much fun and excitement … for the first two hours. Then they pretty much will ask …

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Sunlight and Sun Protection

By Dawna Matthews We have a few weeks of glorious summertime left and by now have been spending our fair share in the sun. I adore the sun; like a sunflower, my soul blossoms in the sun, its light filling me with radiance and strength. Yet, as much as I …

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Chipotle Black Bean Burgers

By Fredrica Syren As a vegetarian, I eat lots of beans and gladly so, because I love them. If your goal is to be healthy or to lose some weight, then beans should be your best friends. Beans are super foods and unique because, not only are they a well-known …

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Swimming Safety

By Kim Robson During the dog days of summer, all we want to do is cool off. For many of us, this means going to the beach, or a backyard or community pool for some swimming in a cool body of water. The American Red Cross has some very helpful …

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Tips for Growing More of Your Own Food

By Chef Centehua Much time, energy and money can go into growing food. However, there are also many ways to make the process affordable, sustainable and less demanding.  Growing a garden does not mean spending hours hunched over, pulling weeds. It also doesn’t require buying a bunch of starts or …

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