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Heart Truth

By Julie Zeff We are moving…again! We are looking for a house to buy in our amazing Atlanta neighborhood. We just love it here! But which house? The one we are currently renting? Another house that’s on the market in the neighborhood? We have to decide soon! Our lease is …

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Food Waste Challenge For NYC Restaurants,

By Kim Robson New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced the first ever “Food Waste Challenge” in apress release issued April 25th. The city produces more than 20,000 tons of garbage daily, and wasted food amounts to a full third of that volume. Of that wasted food, restaurants are …

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Backyard Chickens-Something To Cluck About

 By Chef Centehua The sun is  just beginning its ascent when the hens let it be known they are ready to begin their morning activities. Chickens are creatures of the sun and they waste no time inside. We decided to get chickens three years ago and our flock grew quite quickly from …

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Stoke Your Digestive Fire — A Look at Healthy Poop

By Dawna Matthews My father told my family that you can tell how healthy someone is by their poop or lack thereof. I always thought this was a weird statement to make but as I have grown older, I realize this is the case. Many family members as well as …

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Food Dyes–How To Know Them and To Avoid Them

 By Kim Robson Artificial food coloring can be found in nearly all processed foods today. Food dyes are any colorant, pigment, or solid that imparts color to food. The most common artificial colorings still in use today, including Blue No. 1, Yellow No. 5, and Red No. 3, were approved by …

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Why CSA?

By Asha Kreiling On a quick stint to my local neighborhood market this afternoon, I left with bag of carrots, a head  of celery, and a package of blueberries. After further inspection of the produce labels on these items, I discovered they were all grown in California. Hmm … I …

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4R Fashion

By Amanda Wilkes ​It’s always inspiring to see the creative ways young adults are learning about the environment and showing unique ways to make a difference by reducing, reusing, recycling and rethinking.  Over 40 schools and more than 500 children in Qatar kicked off World Environment Day with an eco-fashion design contest. …

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