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Why Are Superfoods So Super?

 By Chef Centehua  We are living in a completely different world from that of our grandparents and ancestors. Our children will be faced with many challenges and also will have to use their creativity to solve and restore many of the environmental issues that threaten our health. Since the the …

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Protecting Against Lyme Disease

By Kim Robson Anyone who lives or plays outdoors probably has encountered ticks. These blood sucking insects can be found all year in warm climates but are especially noticeable in July and August. Ticks are not just an annoying nuisance; they can also carry the bacterium Borrelia brugdorferi, which causes …

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Review: Little Green Pouch

By Fredrica Syren Being out and about with three little kids always poses a problem when it comes to snacks. Sure, we can just buy a snack anywhere and we do sometimes. However, it’s very hard to find a nutritional and organic snack that’s suitable for vegetarian kids with dairy …

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Growing The Solar Grid

By Kim Robson We’ve discussed the importance of renewable energy many times here on Green Mom. Installing a solar-powered photovoltaic (PV) system in your home produces zero emissions and can run for decades. As a new generation of young, environmentally-minded Americans come of age, they are seeking ways to outfit …

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Getting Dirty – Starting a Garden with Children

By Dawna Matthews Spring has arrived, and with it are days outside and digging in the earth. In early November, my daughter Chloé helped plant our tulip bulbs for the spring. They began blooming two weeks ago. Every day she is so excited to look out the window, see the …

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Get Intimate With Baby Carriers

By Fredrica Syren With three children, I surely have used my share of different baby carriers and thought I should share a little about them. First of all, using a baby carrier of some sort is great because can you have your hands free to do other things around house …

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Save The Environment and Go Paperless

By Kim Robson I used to be very old-fashioned when it came to finances. I preferred walking into the bank branch rather than using the ATM. I would pay all my bills by mailing paper checks, and I would never, ever sign up for automatic payments for any service. As …

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Homemade and Nutritional Snacks

 By Fredrica Syren My daughter loves fruit leathers, so I’ve been buying them for the kids to have for snacks. However, because I really hate how pricy they are and the fact that they come individually wrapped in plastic, I decided to start making my own. It was much easier …

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Serving of Seafood & a Side of Mercury

 By Asha Kreiling Sorry, pregnant ladies, no fish for you. If you’ve ever had a baby in your belly, then a doctor’s warning to limit or remove fish from your diet during pregnancy probably sounds familiar. I first heard of this while I was having a family dinner at a …

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