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Hemp for Health and Sustainability

By Asha Kreiling From fiber to food, hemp is a wonder plant. You can eat the seeds, drink the milk, wear the clothes, write on the paper, and even build your home with the fibers. The multifunctional plant grows rapidly year-round, producing a large bulk of useful plant material, and …

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Healing from Caesarean Birth through Self-Love and Self-Forgiveness

By Shelley Rahim “With forgiveness we can look our enemy in the eyes and shake their hand and thank them for making us stronger.”  –Lewis Mehl-Madrona Birth is one of the most transformational moments in a woman’s life (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). Sometimes, though, an unexpected turn of events …

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Extreme Weather

By Kim Robson In recent years, we’ve all noticed that destructive storms and severe droughts or flooding seem to be on the rise. Instead of these events happening once every 30 to 100 years, they seem to be happening practically EVERY year. From Hugo to Katrina to Ike to Sandy, …

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Meatless Mondays: What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

By Dawna Matthews: I used to fast one day a week and the day I chose was Monday. It just seemed like the best choice for me since it is at the beginning and tends to be more hectic than the rest of the week. These days I still fast, …

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First month update—Making Room for Baby Brother

By Fredrica Syren I can’t believe how fast time goes by when you have three kids at home. Liam turn one month last week and I can honestly say that the saying that third child is easiest is true. Liam is a chilled little guy who really does not care …

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A Close Look at Meat

By Chef Centehua First of all, I’d like to ask the questions “Where is the beef?” or “Where does it come from?” Of course that is followed by another question: “What’s in the meat?”  Our grandparents didn’t have to ask these questions. Their meat came from the farmer who had a few cows …

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