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Welcome, Baby Liam!

By Fredrica Syren On Wednesday, February 20th at 7:16 p.m., we welcomed our third child, a baby boy named Liam, to our family. At 31 weeks, I had been put on bed rest after premature labor, with the hope of making it as far as possible. My family and I …

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Starting Your Baby on Solids

By Fredrica Syren As a mom, I think there is nothing cuter or more fun than when a baby starts to eat solid foods. It’s a milestone most parents will remember forever, seeing that little toothless mouth opening in excitement, then making a face as the baby tries to figure …

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DYI Compost Bin

 By Kim Robson Here at Green-Mom, we are big on the benefits of composting. Compost is like miracle soil: it helps sandy soil hold nutrients and moisture, and loosens heavy clay so plants can breathe. The beneficial micro-organisms in compost help your plants grow strong and healthy. As it decomposes, compost feeds …

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Neti Pot

By Asha Kreiling For me, the worst part about being sick is nasal congestion — not being able to breathe through my nose and feeling as if my whole head is filled with mucus. With flu and cold season in full swing, many of us are left desperate for solutions …

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Kids Eating Healthy at Weddings

By Melissa Barrad As an event planner, I am typically involved in the final catering meeting, where we discuss a multitude of details. Three consistent questions my clients always get from caterers are “Will there be children?” “How many?” and “What are their ages?” If my clients reply yes, a common catering …

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Why Antibacterial Products May Be Bad For Your Health

By Fredrica Syren It’s been one tough flu and cold season, and my family surely have suffered this year with many colds as well as the flu. It just came to a point when I felt my children were sick on and off every week, and finally I felt as …

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Eco-story Time

 By Dawna Matthews From a very young age, I have always been an avid reader, and one of my favorite share times with my daughter Chloé is story time. It’s a wonderful time for us to cuddle up and go to a whole new world. Sometimes I like to read something that …

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Creamy Broccoli Soup, When a Fast Meal is a Must!

Have you had one of those days when it’s lunch or dinnertime, kids are starved and cranky so you need to put food on the table ASAP? Well I have a lot of those days and that’s when it’s so hard to make something nutritional and not go for processed …

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