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Swiss Chard Quiche

Tomorrow the kids and I are flying to Maui for a week. Hubby, who can’t take vacation, is in charge of bunny, home, compost and vegetable garden. Since it’s been so hot lately, my swiss chard is looking sad so I picked it all and used it for my swiss …

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By Amanda Wilkes I have been unsure about whether or not to write this article, so here it is up close and personal. Many women have fibrocystic or “uneven” breast tissue. I am one of these women. Sadly, my maternal grandmother and aunt have been victims of stage four breast …

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Have a Voice and Vote!

By Fredrica Syren Today I registered to vote and it’s very special to me because it’s my first time voting since becoming an American citizen in February last year. I’ve lived in this country for over 15 years and lately I’ve been very involved in politics, so it seemed silly …

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Preserving Tomatoes

I’m drowning in tomatoes, which is not a bad thing since I love them. I needed to preserve them before they spoiled, so that was a mission today. Here is a super easy recipe from Martha Stewart that I used. I also learned from a co-worker at Green-Mom.Com that you can …

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Canning Tomatoes-Making summer last all year long

I love this time of the year when the garden is exploding with ripe vegetables and fruits. My tomato plants are producing like never before and on top of that I also received tomatoes from a neighbor who does not know what do with her huge  tomato harvest. To preserve …

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Buckwheat Neatloaf

This is my kids’ favorite meatloaf recipe, and I love it because it’s so fast to make compared to other neatloaf recipes. Buckwheat is gluten free and high in protein, so it’s very healthy protein source. 6 large marinated green olives, diced (mine was a Italian herb marinate) 1 tbs honey …

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Kids Smoothies

My friend Chef Centehua has written an article posted today on my web site Green-Mom.com. It’s about smoothies for kids and fun ways to add nutrition to a smoothie. Check it out!!! 

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Smoothies for Kids

By Chef Centehua I began adding smoothies to my diet when my first born was around one year old. He really wasn’t interested in food, and I was breast feeding and making fruit smoothies with spirulina. He loved them, and the spirulina provided essential protein and minerals for us both. …

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Blackout Risk Again and What Can You Do

By Fredrica Syren When the last years blackout on September 8th happened it left millions without power and in the dark for hours. For my family it started out ok with us all just BBQ in the backyard. But after a few hours when darkness came it was not as …

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