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Do-It Yourself Biosphere

 By Kim Robson Last week we showed you how to make a terrarium. This article will detail how you can make your own sealed biosphere. It’s a fantastic science experiment to do with the kids and can teach many valuable lessons. Biospheres were first developed by two scientists, Dr. Joe Hanson …

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Honey to the Bee: That’s News to Me

By Fredrica Syren This last week both of my kids unfortunately were stung by a bee. Luckily, neither of them are allergic, so there were just some pain and tears. My daughter stated, “I hate bees and wish there were none.”  I told her that’s not true because, thanks to …

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House Training Your Puppy: Paper Training Basics

By Tasha Ardalan  Do not expect to complete the house training process with your puppy until he/she is at least six months old. Puppies need time to develop bowel and bladder control so they can “hold it” as long as adult dogs can “hold it.” Puppies, like babies, need to eliminate frequently. …

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Healing With Fresh Mint

By Fredrica Syren I planted a peppermint plant in garden earlier this year so now I’m drowning mint. It’s ok, however, because I love mint for salad and teas. My kids love when I make mint ice tea, which is a perfect way to cool off during this heatwave we’re …

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Bill Would Expand Fertility Coverage for Veterans

By Fredrica Syren I know many who have turned to fertility treatment in order to have their dream of a baby come true. For some, however, the expense can be overwhelming and sometimes not even an option. There are some veterans severely injured on duty, their best hope for having …

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Do-it-Yourself Terrarium

By Kim Robson Summer is rapidly coming to a close. Wouldn’t it be great to capture a bit of summer’s green and keep it on your desk over the winter? You can create your own tiny world full of lush, beautiful plants to brighten your day by making your own …

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Coconut Water — Bottoms Up!

By Fredrica Syren In Maui, where we just vacationed, coconuts grow everywhere, and many places sell drinking coconuts. It’s basically an immature coconut with a straw in it so you can drink the water inside. For drinking purposes, coconuts are harvested from the trees when they are still young and green. It’s one of …

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JUNK FOOD: The Silent Killer

By Amanda Wilkes Childhood obesity is no secret. Everyone knows there is a problem, yet no one really has done anything about it. Since the 80’s, childhood obesity has doubled and has tripled for adolescents. There is a strong correlation between childhood obesity and adult obesity which, in turn, causes …

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Aloha and Easy Green Living

By Fredrica Syren Last week we spent one week of vacation  in Paia, Maui and, boy, did we have a relaxing time. We’re rented a house on the beach, so our days were all about playing in the sand and swimming. I was very pleasantly surprised with how easy it …

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