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Car2go in San Diego

By Asha Kreiling Every day, I see at least one little white and blue car marked “car2go” either parked on the street or driving around San Diego. I had heard a thing or two about the car-sharing program, but I wanted to know more. What is it? Car2go is a …

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Blueberry oatmeal bread

The past two mornings Noah has refused to eat his blueberry oatmeal so I’ve saved it hoping he would change his mind. When it happened again this morning I decided not to make it again. But since I now had a cup of made up I used by making blueberry …

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By Amanda Wilkes ​As we have been discussing ways to decrease our impact on this planet, I realize that I have been practicing a fun way to limit my impact for years without ever recognizing it. Ever since I was a child, I have loved going to the library! I …

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Homemade herb salt

I get a lot of questions about what kind of herb salt I use in my cooking. I’m using one kind I bought in Sweden. However, I’ve been running out, so I made my own and it taste as good, if not better than the store bought. Probably because all …

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Improving your life with a daily meditation practice

By Kim Robson Leading a hectic, fast-paced life isn’t always a choice: too often we’re forced to keep trucking along, no matter how much we may need a break. People are taking fewer and shorter vacations, and working longer and harder, just to keep their heads above water. This stress …

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Oatmeal bread baked in baking dish

This oatmeal bread is super easy to make because you don’t have to make rolls or shape into a loaf. All I did was press the dough into regular large baking dish.  The weekend are super busy right now with tons of activities for Bella. This weekend it was the …

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By Amanda Wilkes ​Would you change your mind about using plastic bags if I told you that they were the killer of more than 100,000 marine animals each year? Or that they take between 400 and 1,000 years to biodegrade? It’s not the larger predator in the environment that animals should fear: …

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Raw Goat Cheese

I have a love affair with anything fermented or pickled so when I found a recipe for goaty cashew cheese on Melomeal.blogspot I knew I had try making it. I honestly don’t know if it taste like goat cheese but it’s super yummy and I will use in a pasta …

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Low Impact Day

By Fredrica Syren After watching No Impact Man last week, we continued discussing how hard it must have been to go “zero impact” for one year, living without pretty much everything that Colin Beaver and his family were used to. So many times when we talk to people about what we do to …

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Creamy Kale And White Bean Soup

This is by far the best soup I ever made and the best part is it’s creamy without an ounce of cream. The creaminess comes from pureed sun chokes. It’s a very filling soup but I did serve it with home baked carrot bread. 1 1/2 cups sun chokes, peeled …

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