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Soap Nuts

Here at home we exclusively use soap nuts for our laundry. So what is a soap nut? Soap nuts actually are a fruit from a bush native in India and Nepal. The outer shell of the soap nut contains saponin, a natural substance known for its ability to cleanse and …

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Sweet Soy BBQ Portobello Mushrooms

I’m one tired mama today after a busy and fun weekend. As soon as Noah went down for his nap I enjoyed a cup of chai tea in the garden and relished in the silence and stillness. I love sitting out there by myself watching the vegetables grow. Today I’m …

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Increased amount of plastic found in Pacific Ocean

I found this article on MSN. It’s quit disturbing and makes me so mad. After all the information that is out there about the damage that plastic causes to marine wild life and despite all options we have, we’re still throwing garbage bags into the ocean. The largest trash land …

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Farm to table dinner

Saturdays are the day we as a family go to the one of the largest farmers markets in San Diego. We’ve been doing that since we moved so over 5 years and we love it. There is something so nice about getting to know who is growing your food and …

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Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Being a mom is the most important job I have and the most rewarding. I constantly get my validation that I’m doing a good job from my kids as well as the their love. I know I will cherish forever these special moments I have with my kids when they are …

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Sun dried tomato and red pepper pizza sauce

Bella wished for pizza for yesterday’s dinner and I was excited to make it for her. However I had almost no tomato to make sauce from so I had compromise and made sauce from sun dried tomatoes and red pepper I had instead. It worked beautifully and Bella was super …

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Healing the World Through Chocolate

By Chef Centehua Cacao has been used as medicine for centuries. The healing properties of chocolate are outstanding. Of course, I am not talking about any of the conventional, sugary, processed, chemical, toxic candy bars. I am talking about real chocolate, the pure and amazing nut. Yes, the cacao bean is …

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Green tea chai

This morning was a slightly chilly morning so I made a cup of chai to warm me up. It’s no version of a authentic chai with green tea instead of black and honey instead of sugar. Enjoy! ½ cup water ½ cup almond milk Honey to taste 1 green tea …

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How To Reduce Trash

By Fredrica Syren Trash is one of the hardest problems to eliminate or reduce for most people, and it has been difficult for us, too.  When we throw something into the trash, it kind of disappears from our minds. It might be disappearing from our sight, but it surely is not …

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Honey BBQ Sauce

I guess by living in sunny San Diego it might feel wrong to say it’s BBQ season since most people might thinks it’s all year around here. However, with the hot and sunny weather I can say that for Sunny Yoga Kitchen it’s BBQ time now and we enjoy spending …

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