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Farm fresh tomato and fennel salad

As I said previous posts Saturdays are when we go to the farmers market to buy our fruit and veggies for the week. Therefore Saturday lunch is usually a farmer’s market fresh lunch. Yesterday James and Bella headed out for some daughter and daddy fun while Noah napped. They brought …

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Seitan Chorizo

My husband asked me to get some soy chorizo but when I went to the store to get it, I made a mistake (or not) and started reading the ingredients list and put the chorizo right back. With a list so long of additives that most I cannot pronounce or …

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Farmers Markets, a Growing Business

By Fredrica Syren We try to shop at local farmers markets for as much of our food as possible. We’re lucky to have a farmers market relatively close to our home seven days a week. Some of our friends and family feel it’s hard to find everything they need there. I disagree, but maybe …

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Minty fresh fruit salad

My favorite dessert or even a snack is a perfect fruit salad. Nothing taste better than a fresh combination of juice and fresh fruit and some added kick of mint from my garden. You can use whatever fruit is available for your season and let the fantasy flow. If you …

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Got (Raw) Milk?

By Chef Centehua The benefits of living foods are undeniable. They supply a surplus of energy and vitality, cell renewal, balancing of hormones, and an overall feeling of health and well being. The phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables protect the cells from damage and help prevent cancer. They also provide …

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Ste Martaen Vegan cheese review

This week I was so excited to try vegan cheese from Ste Martaen. We tried two kinds of cheese; olive and muenster style cheese. The flavor of both cheese were very nice. They are both salty in a good way and the olive style cheese also has a slight smoky …

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Obesity – An American Epidemic

By Asha Kreiling I remember going into a Food 4 Less last year for the first time. I wanted to pick up some snacks on my way to work, but as a picky, vegetarian, health-conscious shopper, this was no easy task. It seemed as if every food product in the …

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Maple loaf bread

Serving fresh bread to my family with a meal is a luxury I love to do when I have time and this week it happened twice already. I made maple loaf and it taste great slightly warm with some butter and maybe honey. This recipe will make 1 large loaf …

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A Mother’s Thoughts

By Fredrica Syren—Green mom On Sunday I got to celebrate being a mom. Mother’s Day, of course, is a very special day and for sure my kids did make me feel special. It made me reflect about being a mom and what it means to me. Being a mom is …

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Strawberry ice cream

For me strawberries represent summer and my mom. She absolutely loved strawberries and when they were in season we would eat them with breakfast and as snacks and dessert. Usually we’ll just eat them sliced in milk. So I’m now exited to see it’s strawberry season here in San Diego. We …

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