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Adobo stew

I found a recipe for adobo in Veg News and I have to admit I never heard about this dish before but it looked and sounded good so I gave it a try. Adobo is a traditional Filipino stew and this case it’s made with seitan instead of meat. I …

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Downsizing Our Refrigerators

By James Harker-Syren One of the less green things we’ve maintained in our house is a second refrigerator in the garage. Why the heck do you have a second fridge in the garage?  Well, it’s been useful. Of course, we cook A LOT, so we usually have a lot food in …

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Vodka Pasta Sauce

We went from super hot to super cold weather in one day. I don’t know if it was the weather change or lack of sleep but my head was hurting like mad all day yesterday and I had zero energy. It did not help that both kids refused to go …

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Junk Mail, Be Gone!

By Asha Kreiling I love getting mail, but I am frequently disappointed when I open my mail box only to see it filled with junk! In fact, I get more junk mail than personal letters, and I’m sure this is true for most people. Not only is it annoying to …

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Raw Cashew Whipped Cream

Warm evenings like these screams strawberries and cream. Lucky me not only are our strawberries ripening but also I bought strawberries at the farmers market. For the cream I made raw cashew whipped cream which pair really well with the sweet berries.  1 cup cashews Filtered water for soaking the …

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Dolphin Mass-death in Peru Still Unsolved

By Fredrica Syren In this family we’re very passionate about any marine wildlife, but dolphins are have a special place in our hearts. When we heard about the mass death of dolphins in Peru we have continued to follow the story. Unfortunately, it seems it’s still a mystery what killed these …

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Cheesy Brown Rice Pilaf

Both kids were home yesterday all day because Bella has strep again sighL Bella wanted rice so I made rice and vegetables for lunch, which may sound, quit boring but think again because it was delish. 1 tbsp. canola oil 1 garlic clove, grated ½ cup grated rutabaga 1 cup broccoli …

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International Adoption at All-time Low

By Fredrica Syren Many of Bella’s friends are adopted, and it is so wonderful to hear their journeys of how they became families. No one’s story is the same. All of them came from different places in the world — from Russia, Guatemala, and China to here in the U.S. …

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Sweet potato and quinoa cakes

When I was out walking the other day I walked passed a new restaurant. I did a quick glans at their menu and my caught a dish with sweet potato and quinoa cakes. It sounded so wonderful that I made me go home and start thinking about a recipe for …

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Light Pollution

 By Kim Robson None of us tolerates environmental pollution anymore. We’ve worked so hard for clean air, clean water, and healthy ecosystems; yet, a terribly destructive polluter is at work in every industrialized part of the world, and hardly anyone notices. I am talking about light pollution. The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) …

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