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Chickpea burgers

These are one of my favorite bean burgers because they are easy to make, they stay together during cooking and they appeal to both kids and adults. Bella loves to eat them with BBQ sauce while Noah just loves to eat them as fast as possible and as many in …

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Is Your Sofa Killing Your Family?

By James Harker-Syren Last week, if someone had asked me, “What about this picture is potentially killing your kids?” I would have looked at them like they were crazy.  This is my Facebook profile picture, for crying out loud. What are you talking about? Earlier this week while driving to …

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Sauteed Beans and Mushrooms

When we do Sunday lunch I love to serve a lot of small dishes which tons of vegetables. Most of the time the food all comes from the farmers market. Serving this way reminds me of Sunday lunch at my mom’s house.  One of the dishes was sautéed beans and …

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Reading Ingredients on Food Labels

By Fredrica Syren After watching the movie Forks over Knives, I started wondering about what is in the food we eat. I already know that “sugar free” and “fat free” do not mean healthy and light, plus diet products are something in my past. But then I stumbled upon a blog called …

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Noise Pollution

By Kim Robson Last week I discussed light pollution and ways to mitigate it. Since they often go hand-in-hand, I’d like to address noise pollution also. The EPA’s definition of noise pollution is “unwanted or disturbing sound.” Sound becomes unwanted or disturbing when it interferes with normal life. Not being able to sleep or to …

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Strawberry soy yogurt

Since I’ve been making my own coconut yogurt and my kids both love yogurt it seemed like it was about time I made my own soy yogurt. I made vanilla soy yogurt but added strawberries when it was done since they both love strawberries. I have a yogurt maker I …

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Just Like Groupon…But For A Cause

JUST LIKE GROUPON … BUT FOR A CAUSE By Amanda Wilkes Do you love your daily Groupon deals? I know I  do. In fact, it is one of my favorite e-mails of the day. Discovering what special deal they have to offer, whether a trip to Mexico, an exfoliating facial, …

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Sautéed collard greens and mushrooms

On Friday I tasted the best kale and mushroom sauté I ever tasted while shopping at People’s Coop. I know it sounds not like one of those wow dishes but it was. Since then I’ve not been able to get it out of my mind so today I made a …

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Restaurant Review Casa de Luz

Thursdays are our date night so after James gets home for work we usually go to a yoga class or work out. Last Thursday we did an 8-mil bike ride around Mission Bay so afterward we were super hungry and had decided to try a brand new restaurant called Casa …

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Staying Healthy through Sound Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

By Faith Franz: When treating a cancer such as mesothelioma, patients often overlook one of the most powerful ways to heal the body: nutrition. A whole foods-based diet does more than supply the body with calories for energy; it provides the body with valuable vitamins and minerals that actually can help the …

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