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Hot dog buns

This weekend we BBQ hot dogs for the kids and I made my own hot dogs bun. I can’t believe I never done this before and actually bought store bought because it was so easy and everyone thought they were so good. 5 cups white spelt flour 2 ½ cups …

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Growing Your Own Sprouts

By Kim Robson: What would you say if I told you there is a new vegetable that will grow in any climate, rival meat in nutritional value, mature in three to five days, require neither soil nor sunshine, rival tomatoes in Vitamin C; and it can be planted any time …

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Happy Easter and a dressing

Wow I hope everyone is having as beautiful day as we are here in San Diego. It’s a perfect day for a Easter egg hunt, playing and a yummy meal outside here in San Diego. Yesterday I was tired after all the preparation so we made it easy and had …

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Easter Menu

We’re little slow getting up and going today and I’m one tired mama right now after Noah was not feeing good last night and kept calling out for me. Off course it’s one of those gorgeous San Diego days with not a cloud in the sky and perfect temperatures. We …

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How to Ease the Stress of Moving

by Tasha Ardalan: Moving to a new home is not only stressful for you, but it is stressful for your furry friends, too.  Cats and dogs can get very attached to their surroundings, and having to move away from familiar territory can be very upsetting to them.  Their comfort zone …

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Cardamom and Hazelnut Biscotti

I’ve had a crazy work week and on top of that a very over tired five year old. As you can imagine this spells trouble and a very tired mama at the end of the day. Luckily Noah has been super happy little guy who takes a long naps in …

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The Guilt-ridden Mom

By Fredrica Syren: Ever since becoming a mom, I have grappled with guilt — the feeling that I always could and should do more, and that I should spend more time with my kids. It’s constantly a struggle, but the funny part is that I do spend a lot of …

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Baked Mac & Cauliflower Cheese

Real homemade mac & cheese is a weakness of mine but I never make it myself. I think it’s hard to think about all that cheese and creaminess without starting to feel myself bloating. I’ve realized that pureed cauliflower is incredibly creamy so the idea came to use that as …

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Secondhand Fashion Gets a Second Look!

By Amanda Wilkes: I’m the girl who doesn’t buy anything unless I absolutely love it, which stands true for my wardrobe. However, being 24 and having a fairly demanding social agenda, I find not re-wearing my clothes — or more specifically, the nicer outfits I buy for events like weddings …

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