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Quinoa Pizza Balls

Today my husband stated “super bowl is over so now I can cancel cable”. We’ve been talking for months to stop cable and only use the TV for movies so I was happy it’s finally happening. It’s such relief not having TV and watching reruns and other crappy things that …

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Bicycling To Save the Earth!

By Asha Kreiling Driving makes me irritable.  I loathe traffic.  I despise looping around crowded streets while searching for a parking space.  I feel guilty whenever I fill up my gas tank, not only because of the cost, but also because this liquid I burn contributes to air pollution and …

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Vegan BBQ wings with vegan ranch dressing

I found this recipe for the wings and the ranch on the Recipe Renovator but I did end up changing just a little and it turned in to what I remembered ranch dressing tasting like. Since hubby loves anything with BBQ sauce I actually used that instead of hot sauce …

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Blueberry sour cream tart

Bella asked me why I don’t bake sweet thing anymore and I realized it was true and since Christmas I had not baked anything sweet unless it was raw. The reason for it is that I have been giving my body a break and been eating more healthy and raw. …

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The Villain Mom

By Fredrica Syren  I always tell people that my family is both hippie and conservative at the same time — depending who we’re hanging out with.  We have friends who love us but think our lifestyle is totally out there and see us as little “flower power” kind of people, …

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The Power of Food

By Kim Robson Food equals energy.  Those who control energy control power.  With this simple equation, we’ll discuss the power of food, who controls it, and how to gain more power over your food supply.  Humans have very few fundamental needs:  water, food, shelter, and reproduction — in that order.  …

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Super bowl food

Although I have personally no interest at all in football, James loves is as does a lot of my friends  and will be glued to the TV on Sunday for the sSuper Bowl. Me, I’m charge of the food off course and I’m planning more than chips and salsa but …

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Bean chili with ratatouille

My legs are buzzing from yesterday’s 6mil bike ride and a heated yoga class this morning. But oh my how I love this feeling. And on top of that my wonderful friend Wendy also known as Chef Centehua came by and made her famous uncooked and raw food which I …

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No — No Styrofoam

By Andrea Patin A couple of years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution to stop using styrofoam . . . or at least to GREATLY reduce using it whenever I possibly can.  As soon as I made this life choice, I was amazed at how many places and people …

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Tips on How to “Green” Your Baby

When we became parents, we could not believe the amount of trash we created and the number of things we had to buy for our baby.  It surely did not feel very good for the environment, but over the years we have gotten pretty good at eliminating a lot of …

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