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Seitan in a wine marsala sauce

Yesterday was the first time I used the seitan I made the other day and I’m very happy with the result and texture of this seitan plus it’s so cheap to make. I made Italian food in the form of seitan marsala and it was divine. I served it with …

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Fruit leather

Bella loves fruits and fruit leather as a snack in the afternoon. Buying them at the store can get quit pricey so I made my own and my toughest critic (Bella) gave it thumbs up and said “you’re pretty cleaver mom”. I live for comments like that:) Off course for …

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Make your own fruit leather

By Fredrica Syren I like the idea of making my own snacks for the kids for many different reasons. One being because it’s better for environment but also you know what’s in it, it will save you  lots of money and most of all….it’s darn fun:) Bella loves fruits and …

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Creamy kale soup

I’ve one sick little girl at home who woke up with high fever or F 103.3, stomach ache and then vomiting. She has been very cuddly and mellow and needs her mom a lot. I had to pack up both kids and go to the pediatrician after naps and it’s …

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The Beauty of Heirloom seeds

By Kim Robson When you hear the term “heirloom” and it’s not about Aunt Eunice’s sideboard, we’re referring to fruit and vegetable varieties that are more than 50 years old — the same fruits and vegetables our grandmothers grew.  These plants were around long before the huge agribusinesses creating most …

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Homemade seitan

I’ve made seitan from scratch before but never been super impressed with the results until today. I just got fed up with the cost of store bought seitan so I did some research and found a super easy recipe on a Swedish blog. It just requires all-purpose flour and water …

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Roasted acorn squash soup

I celebrated the rain we were getting in San Diego yesterday because my garden so desperately needs it and also because I love rain…in moderation off course. Me and Noah took a walk right before the rain started and it was quit windy which Noah was not very happy about …

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Composting–Where Trash Becomes a Miracle for the Garden….and the Planet

By Kim Robson Compost is like miracle soil.  It helps sandy soil hold nutrients and moisture, and loosens heavy clay so plants can breathe.  The beneficial micro-organisms in compost helps your plants grow strong and healthy.  As it decomposes, compost feeds your plants naturally and organically.  At green-mom.com, we’ve been …

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Chocolate and hazelnuts cookies

I went on a 7 mil bike ride this morning and then running around like a manic rest of the day which by the way began at 5 am when both kids woke us up. So in the afternoon when Noah was napping and put Bella to rest in her …

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