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Veggie Stir-Fry

Bella had her first sleepover party this weekend which left us alone with Noah. It was so quiet and empty without her. I missed her a lot. She had a great time however and that’s what matters. By the time I got home from a baby shower Noah was already …

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An Ultimate Low-carbon Footprint Diet — Does That Exist?

By Fredrica Syren Well, yes, it does —  at least if you believe Kate Geagan, a recognized nutritionist and the author of Go Green, Get Lean.  It’s no secret that we’re heading toward more body fat and more weight gain.  We see ads for diet pills and different diets are …

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Sweets for a Saturday

Lisa on Sweet-as-sugar blog has a Sweets for a Saturday going on where anyone can post their sweet treat of the week. I posted my chocolate cup cakes with peanut butter frosting. There are many other fun desserts and sweet treats to check it out. Also Lisa’s blog is worth a visit as well for …

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Slow cooked super food porridge

I mainly use my crock pot to cook beans in since they take a fair amount of time to cook and this way I can leave house while they cook. But yesterday I decided to try something new and make porridge in the crock pot so there would be warm …

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Transitioning from Holiday Feasting to Juice Feasting

By Chef Centehua With the holidays now behind, many of us are left feeling a little heavy from festive indulgences. I recently returned from visiting family and friends, and while traveling I am always more flexible with regard to food, especially when celebrating with my loved ones. The new year …

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DIY Fermented Foods

By Chef Centehua Live fermented foods are vital for a healthy digestive system. Live cultures are abundant in yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, miso, kimchi, etc. The alchemy that these micro-organisms work on our food is something that our ancestors understood and honored, but our over-sanitized and germaphobic culture has forgotten this …

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The perfect snack sandwich for hungry and busy moms

I always find that days when I’m most busy and/or kids are a handful are the days I don’t eat well. My body needs fast energy so I reach for a sugary snack. Not good at all because that’s the beginning of the downward spiral of bad eating for a …

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Getting to the Bottom of Buying Plastic Bottles

By Kim Robson It used to be that every time I visited my mom’s house, she’d have a couple of cases of bottled water waiting in her trunk for me to transport inside. For a long time, I didn’t say anything other than “Where do you want them?” (We don’t …

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Fruity Bulgur Salad

Jeeez what a hot day we’re having here in San Diego. It’s like middle of summer not January winter. It’s quit a contrast from Sweden and I don’t like it because it feels all wrong and I can’t Noah out middle of the day when it’s like this. I was …

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Home Exchange: Home Away from Home

By Fredrica Syren It is no secret that we like to travel, as do many of our friends. Before we had children, we did a lot of traveling together — my husband and me — and we’d stay in hostels, B&Bs, and hotels. But since having children, traveling has presented …

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