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Lentil pasta sauce

Oh man I’m beat today after a day of biking the whole family, bread baking, cleaning, grocery shopping and off course, playing.  James is taking a yoga course four Sunday in a row so me and the kids are on our own for the afternoon and normally that’s something I’m …

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Rawalishes chocolate dessert

Me and Bella had a wonderful afternoon yesterday when Noah slept so we made dessert together, her favorite, raw chocolate pudding. I love it when I made raw dessert to my kids since my rule is that if goes into their mouths it need to have some nutrition in it …

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Raw corn tortillas and raw sour cream

I found this recipe on We like it raw website and gave it a try.I did modify the recipe a little.  Super easy but does require a dehydrator. It only took a few hours to dry them and they taste amazing. I made enchiladas with them and filled them with marinated …

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Daycare vs. Nanny

 By Fredrica Syren On January 2nd  my son Noah just turned one, an age that (I hear) children need socialization by spending time with other kids their own age.  I feel torn as to what to do at this point.  I have not yet felt the need to send him to …

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To “Green” Your House- Begin Green Bathroom Renovation

By Kim Robson When you want to start living a more “green” lifestyle, knowing where to start often can be difficult.  Your bathroom is one of the most used parts of the house, and it’s also a great place to begin your green-living campaign. For starters, an obvious choice is …

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Fruit & Nut Bread- Inspiration is Back!

The last couple of mornings Noah has gone from waking up at 4:30-5 am to waking up after 6am, so I feel like I have been getting more solid sleep lately. Because of this I get up before the kids are awake to get things done while hubby enjoys doing some yoga. …

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Power Snacks To Keep a Busy Mom Going

By Fredrica Syren As a mom of two with my own business, I find that life sometimes is super crazy.  Ok, let’s be honest here — it’s crazy almost all the time, and sometimes I seriously consider the Mexican border only 20 minutes away. Things that used to take priority …

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Quick pasta dinner

I’ve had an amazing day with a fresh clean house and clean beds, I attended a yoga class, got a massage from wonderful Andrea and got to spend some fun times with Noah this morning. I love days like this however I did receive a call from Bella’s school teacher that …

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Fennel & tomato soup

Ahhh first day back to school and back to normal days now whatever that means off course. But for me it meant a beautiful and happy five year old heading to school this morning and lots of quality play time for me and Noah. He loves being in the kitchen …

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