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Recycling Tips To Reduce Your Waste Stream

By Asha Kreiling Trash.  Nobody likes it, so why do we make so much of it?  Everywhere I go, garbage cans are overflowing with trash.  Trash cans on city streets, dumpsters in alleys, and my own trash bins in the kitchen always seem to be filled to the brim, ready …

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Cheesy pasta casserole

This was a very popular casserole indeed with the family who all gobbled it down so fast. I got lucky.  I knew I was making something with pasta and I knew I wanted to use zucchini, everything else came about as I cooked and I came up with the idea …

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Levain bread and wild yeast

Sourdough is a hype in Sweden and everywhere you find many version of sourdough bread and it’s not like the San Francisco sourdough. While in Sweden for Christmas, the most popular sourdough bread we ate was levain and we were hooked and I promised myself I was going to make …

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Jessica Alba Launches New Eco Friendly Business

Actress Jessica Alba has launched an online business selling toxic free and eco-friendly baby and household items for a monthly subscription. The company is called Honest and is named after her 3-year old daughter.  Alba is the mom of two little girls, and an advocate and supporter for the Safe …

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Favorite dessert/snack right now

What a luxary. The good friend and neighbor came by and took Bella over to their place for a play date and Noah just went down for a nap. So I’m sitting here getting a lot of work done, some blog surfing and enjoying a cup of tea. I’m also …

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Broccoflower soup

Going to the farmers market is one of my favorite things to do. I love walking around sampling things, smelling produce and eating with my eyes. I especially love going to farmers markets in other places than home to see what they are selling and what’s local there. I also …

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Chia blueberry smoothie

Chia seeds are something we eat on a daily bases here in either sprinkled on our oatmeal or in a chia pudding. I love chia seeds because if you soak them in water they become a gel which is perfecta to use for making vegan or raw puddings. They also …

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Ride Sharing

By Kim Robson Let’s take a look outside our homes now, and see if there are ways to live more green without buying an expensive hybrid car.  Ridesharing has been around for a long time, long before the “green” movement took hold, yet only 12% to 14% of American commuters …

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