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Urban Gardening on the Cheap — A Scavenger’s Story

By Asha Kreiling Starting a garden can be exciting and fun, but also daunting if it’s your first time.  You need soil, planters, seeds, fertilizer and tools.  You also need space.  About two years ago, I moved into my San Diego apartment, where I have been experimenting with the awkward …

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Chocolate chia pudding

I’m hooked on chia puddings for breakfast, heck any time of the day is a good chia time concerning me. I find myself in the morning these days not having time to eat breakfast or forgetting really. I usually wake up an hour before the kids to work and to …

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Baked quinoa stuffed acorn squash

At the farmers market I found one large acorn squash which I used for last nights dinner. I made baked quinoa stuffed acorn squash and it was a huge hit with Noah but then again he has not met to many foods he does not like:)  One large acorn squash …

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Buckwheat neatloaf with cauliflower mash

On Sundays I like to make a little more effort and make special food I know kids are crazy about. This Sunday I made a buckwheat neatloaf served with a mashed cauliflower. I love the flavor combination of the two and I love serving cauliflower this way since it’s neither …

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Review: Solar Powered Phone Charger and Flashlight

One of our goals for 2012 is to switch to and rely more on solar power for our daily use of electricity, and we are starting with our phone charger and flashlight. A couple of months ago, San Diego had a blackout that lasted many hours.  Both our phones ran …

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Amanda’s favorite pasta sauce

Yesterday we celebrated Noah’s first birthday with a huge pancake breakfast party. I know it’s 3 weeks late but because we were traveling from Sweden and he was sick when we got home and then we struggled with jetlag it just seemed like a good idea to wait to have …

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Chia pudding and homemade milk

Milk in any shape or form can get very expensive for a family of four. We mainly drink oat and almond milk in our house. Now Noah has started to drink “regular” milk too, so I decided to make my own oat and sesame seed milk when we ran out …

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Be a Diva and Have a Green Period.

Chef Centehua Our family has made many life style changes in order to live more sustainably — from reusable coffee cups, water bottles, cloth sandwich bags, cloth grocery store bags, hemp paper goods, biodegradable dish and laundry soaps, rain harvesting and grey water systems, to growing our produce and composting.  …

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