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Tomato Lentil Patties

It has been a super busy day and here I’m now sitting watching Fried Green Tomatoes and drinking some tea while kids are sleeping and James is at yoga. Dinner was delicious lentil patties served with pasta,, swiss chard and broccoli. The patties are packed with protein from the lentils …

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Community Gardens & Lawns

By Kim Robson Can growing your own food help change the world?  As a matter of fact, it can.  With the large-scale industrialization of food, we have allowed huge, faceless corporations to control one of our most fundamental needs.  Re-localizing our food supply means taking control back where it belongs.  …

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Orzo casserole

Another gorgeous day so we took a 6 mil bike ride along the water at Mission Bay. I had prepared lunch before we left so it was all ready to just bake for 20 minutes when we got home. I made a casserole with orzo, vegetables and beans. which satisfied …

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Healthy Vegetarian Children: Do They Exist?

By Fredrica Syren: This weekend I had, for the millionth time, someone who raised concerns about our children being vegetarians. The question I get most is how my kids get protein.  Getting kids enough protein  from vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, tofu and seitan is easy;  the trick is to make …

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Herb grilled seitan & bulgur salad

Yesterday was a big day for us because first dropped off a couple of home made meals for friends who just became parents to a beautiful little girl name Violet. She was welcomed by her parents off course but also two older brothers. In the afternoon some other friends came …

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Enjoying the Slip n’ Slide Without the Waste of Water

Here in San Diego we’re having a beautiful January day with lots of sun and temperatures in the mid F80/20C.  When it’s this warm, it’s hard not to justify some play time on a slip ‘n slide, but it’s also hard to justify the water waste that goes into to …

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Tomato sauce with kale and mushrooms

This tomato sauce totally dedicated to my tomato and mushroom loving son Noah. My kids have such different palates; Noah loves tomatoes, mushrooms, any acidic fruit while Bella does not like tomatoes but loves peas which Noah does not and prefer bananas and pears.  On Friday’s Bella gets to choose …

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Vegetable pancakes

My little man Noah is now enjoying feeding him self.  Unfortunately that does not mean a whole lots of vegetables so I have to be clever and “hide” them in foods he do enjoy. These pancakes are one of them and I added carrots and corn last time and kale, …

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How To Eat for Climate Change on a Budget

By Fredrica Syren Our family used to spend a lot of money on food without even thinking about what it did to climate change because we figured it was something we enjoyed and that it nourished our bodies.  In the last year, with having another child and a new business, …

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Mango chickpea curry

Bella loves dried mango and is the only thing she ever ask for when we go grocery shopping. Noah loves anything with mango but almost never buy it because it has travelled so far and cost so much. But then I thought of how you eat mango chutney with indian …

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