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Lime & honey seitan casserole

I was making a marinade with honey and lime yesterday for my seitan when I had a thought about making a sauce with these flavors instead. It was a success so I made it into a casserole with black beans and seitan. 1 tsp canola oilJuice and grated peel from …

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Quinoa breakfast porridge

Wow I’m one relaxed mama tonight after spending the afternoon at a spa with my friend Andrea. Usually I get a massage from her every Sunday but this week  we wanted to do something special to celebrate her birthday. For breakfast we  eat blueberry oatmeal almost every morning. This morning …

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Small Changes to Green Laundry

By Fredrica Syren As a family of 4 and users of cloth diapers, we create mounds of laundry. I sometimes swears my laundry hampers are cursed and fills up as soon as I empty them or the neighbors are dropping their laundry in mine. Laundries use a lot of power …

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Raw chocolate dip

Bella decided that yesterday afternoon was pajamas day in the afternoon when she got home from school and that we’re going to have a “happy hour”. Our happy hour is quit different from what I remember it to be. We drank kombucha and juice for Bella and ate two kinds …

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Chickpea flour flat bread

When I look into my fridge for yesterdays dinner all I found was potatoes and cauliflower. Time to go grocery shopping I guess. Well I knew just what to make of it; Aloo gobi. It’s a super easy and simple yet so tasty dish. It was a huge hit with …

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A Family Affair

By Chef Centehua  One of my favorite memories growing up was going to the farmers market with my mom. I loved the different scents, sounds, connecting with the vendors; and, of course, my favorite part was sampling food. However, with the growth of industrialized foods, we have been cut off from …

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Rain Barrels–using natures gift of water

By Andrea Patin When my boyfriend and I were discussing installing rain gutters on our home, we became very motivated to use rain barrels in hopes of collecting the water for use in our garden.  Living in southern California has made me much more aware of the lack of water …

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Eat Local, Eat Well

By Lauren Reinhardt About six months ago I moved to San Diego from Seattle, land of green living (both literally and consciously). Moving from the lushly forested Northwest to the arid climate of Southern California has been an adjustment. I like wearing boots and sweaters, and I miss the smell …

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Tuscan tomato soup

Brrrrr it sure was cold when I got up this morning and it makes me hate having stone floors in the bathroom and kitchen. But nothing like a warm cup of tea and warm kid’s bodies cuddling with you can’t warm you up. Despite the cold morning, me and Noah …

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Chocolate energy shake

I just finished watching the movie May I be Frank which is about a man called Frank off course who is overweight, sick with diabetes and Hep C. He’s dealing with a lot of anger. He embarks on a 42 day raw food and holistic healing journey. I highly recommend the movie. …

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