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Holiday veggie burger

I have lots of cranberry baguette and cranberry sauce left from Thanksgiving so in my effort to create dishes from food in my fridge and freezer I made a veggie burger sandwich with holiday feeling to it. It really did work and I think I just come up with one …

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Worm factory–the factory with a green purpose

By Andrea Patin I wanted to start composting, but our yard is pretty small.  We don’t have space for a big bin or an open plot of earth to create a pile, so I ordered a The Worm Factory 360.  It proves to be the perfect size for our fruit …

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Mexican influenced stew

Today I have two sets of stuffed noses and miserable kids, oh joy:( I guess I should be happy they are sick at the same time and a week before we’re going to Sweden. So now we’re pushing vitamin C rich food and lots of fluids which seems to be …

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New Joys of Giving: Toy Swaps at Christmas

By Kim Robson Are there too many toys in your child’s room that are being ignored? How about the living room, family room, garage, basement, or attic? Do you have storage bins full of perfectly good toys that your kids have lost all interest in? Can’t imagine buying all new ones …

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What’s in a Label, Anyway?

By Rima Mehta When you’re at the grocery store it can be hard to take the extra minute to examine the labels of the items in your cart. The various claims made on food packages can be confusing, and it’s sometimes hard to reconcile the information of the front of …

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Rum cake with lemon glaze

I have to admit that I never tasted a rum cake before and never had any interest because I’m not a fan of rum. That’s until yesterday when I tasted a rum cake for the very first time and it was love at first sight. Yesterday evening I could not …

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Red cabbage & orange salad

This year we’re going to Sweden for Christmas and we’re so excited since it’s been since before Bella was born (2005) since we spend a holiday there. Because we’re leaving next week I’m working under the eat-out-of-fridge-freezer-panetyr-and-buy-as-few-thing-as-possible rule to empty out fridge/freezer/pantry for the family who is doing a house …

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The Joys of Cloth Diapers–Making the Leap to Green Baby

By Kim Robson and Fredrica Syren Let’s face it, diapers are no fun. It’s easy to be “green” when you are recycling clean bottles, but it’s a whole other issue when you’ve got a smelly mess on your hands. Still, parents interested in saving a nickel along with the environment …

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Oat bread rolls and Green Mom

Finally my business web site Green mom is up and running so please check it out and read some very inspiring articles on green living and families by some very special writers. My food blog will eventually move over there as well but for now it’s just linked. Yesterday night …

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Green gardening

By Fredrica Syren We all love a nice garden with colorful flowers and a green lawn, but it’s easy to waste lots of water in the garden. My husband almost became obsessed trying to figure out how best to keep our garden fresh without over watering.  With a few changes, …

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