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Black bean chili

Since we’re a cold recovering family at home I thought a hearty chili with lots of garlic would help us heal, if nothing else, the soul. Since I don’t eat chicken soup, this is my being sick food. I like adding a little bit of dark chocolate to my chili …

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Leave the Aging to the Wine and Cheese

These days it seems that we’re all trying to find the “magic bullet” that delays natural aging. Advertise anti-aging properties of a product and it flies off the shelves. But if you’re really interested in staving off the inevitable signs of age, some experts say one solution is found in the …

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Noodles in a miso broth

The days before we’re going on vacation just seems so stressful. We have a hundred things we have to do to get ready and on top of that Noah still being under the weather had to see our pediatrician. I was worried about his stuffy nose and then today he …

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Herbed mashed

I think most people know how to make mashed potatoes, it’s pretty simple. What I do think is interesting is that most people do “their” mashed potatoes different. I like to make mine with absolutely no lumps and with herbs. So here is my favorite mashed potato recipe. 6 russet …

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Green Cleaning–Clearing the Air of Toxic Household Cleaners

By Kim Robson Do your household cleaners require opening windows and wearing gloves to avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals? If so, common sense should tell you that’s not good for anyone in your home. In fact, these toxins have an even greater effect on our children and pets. As you …

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Pasta casserole

All yesterday afternoon Bella was with a friend and his family at Sea World so it was just us three. When Noah took a nap me and James were amazed how quit the house was and remembered that a year ago, before Noah was born, this was our life. We …

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Making the holidays NOT about candy

By Mary Harper Still finding candy wrappers in your child’s bed and dreading the next dental visit? Here are some “lessons learned” from some real-life moms that will make next year’s Halloween fun and (mostly) sugar free. Healthy Halloween It’s was that time again… pumpkin patches, changing leaves, brisk walks …

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Quinoa Pilaf with yams

Today I braved the masses and went to the mall. I had no choice and off course it ended up being super crowded because Santa was there and so was a million kids, all dressed up and ready or not to have their picture taken with him. I was pretty …

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Why eat organic

By Rima Mehta When we think about consuming the freshest and healthiest food possible, it is important to consider two questions. One – what makes organic food natural? And the other – what impact do your shopping choices have on the environment? In the rush to produce more and more crops …

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