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Creamy sunchoke soup with roasted garlic

Trying to eat for the season while in Sweden is hard and limiting but I was happy to find sunchokes in the  stores along with an amazing sour dough bread. Right away I knew I wanted to make soup with earthy flavors served with fresh bread for dinner. For Noah …

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More nuts for sweet roasted nut

After a few days of jetlage  and still getting over our colds we’re getting into swing of things and having tons of fun. I always find it so much fun to be cooking in someone else’s kitchen and this time I have a very nice view from it. We’re staying …

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Making the best to stay away from colds and flu

By Rima Mehta Few people make it through the winter without a scratchy throat and an annoying runny nose. You can’t very well hold your breath all winter to avoid germs, but you can put your immune system in top-­‐ notch form to light colds and flu. The very foods …

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Chili or Garam masala roasted nuts

These roasted nuts are addictive, once you start eating them it’s hard to stop. I made these for my friend Jackie’s Solstice celebration along with my rum cake, crackers with sun dried tomato hummus. The nuts are perfect for Christmas parties and snacks before Christmas dinner. I make one batch with …

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Sun dried tomato and bean soup

Altough I had absolutly zero appetite I still had to cook lunch for me and Noah. As I sat on the sofa with chills my thoughts went to a warming soup with lots of vegetables. The good thing about soup is that the flavors develops the longer it sits.So I …

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Me, the Overachiever

By Fredrica Syren Because I told someone the other day that I bake all our bread each week, she asked if I don’t feel like an overachiever. It made me realize that I probably do make people feel really bad and guilty sometimes. Of course that is never my intention: …

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Homemade taco seasoning

I guess the healing properties of yesterday’s chili failed because today I’m sick too. I can’t believe this is happening to me the day before we’re flying across the world with two kids. Noah’s poor nose is still super stuffy so I’m getting worries about that too:( On a lighter …

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Powerful Rays of Light

By Kim Robson My neighborhood in the mountains, Cuyamaca Woods, is completely off the grid, and residents here all rely on solar electricity. When my husband and I fell in love with this area, we knew we’d have to learn about photovoltaic (PV) systems. Going solar doesn’t have to be …

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Bring More Green with Your Child’s Lunch — Green Lunchbox

By Chef Centehua Whether packing lunch for your child or yourself, reusable containers are a great way to make a difference in nutritional intake as well as the environment. It takes only a small initial investment and a little planning. When making the transition from pre-packaged or cafeteria foods, it’s …

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