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Fig marmalade

This is the easiest way to make very tasty fig marmalade which is divine on crackers or toast. Figs are naturally sweet so there is no need to add sugar. Figs are high in calcium, iron and fibers among other things. 500g/17 ounces of dried figs, stems removed 2 1/2 …

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Vinaigrette and beet salad

Warm weather and salad goes hand in hand especially when cooking in a hot kitchen is not my idea of fun on a hot day like we’re having here today. I made a beet salad for lunch and a good vinaigrette dressing is the key for a perfect salad. Vinaigrette …

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Teriyaki stir fry

I had such long day that dinner had to be something that would take very short time to make and stir fry it was. Serve it with rice, barley or noodles for a yummy dinner. 2 tbs canola oil 1 cup mushrooms, sliced 1 tsp turmeric 1 tsp grated ginger …

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Cauliflower gratin

We’re back home after a short trip to San Francisco where we spend some time with Noah’s god father and saw some friends who just had a baby 5 weeks ago. One night we had some take out food from Whole Foods and we ate a cauliflower gratin which I …

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Mushroom pasta sauce

Last week me and James had a date night and we went out for dinner by our self. I had Gnocchi in a divine mushroom sauce and ever since I’ve been dreaming about that sauce so I made my own today. It taste wonderful tossed with pasta or gnocchi. I …

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The Best Vegetable Casserole Ever!!!!

Today has been a beautiful sunny day unfortunately poor Noah is struggling with some tummy problems and had a bad night and morning. I took him down to Mission Bay for a hike and enjoyed being outside and he enjoyed taking a nap in the fresh air. I was starved …

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More Ajvar seitan

Today has been a mellow day because Bella woke up at 5am with ear infection. She couldn’t go back to sleep so we started the day early. It didn’t help that we had a rainy and cold day here so we were stuck indoors all day. For dinner I made …

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Quick bread

As always on Sundays I baked bread for the week and this week for Bella’s lunch I baked a spelt bread with carrots and sunflower seeds which is made with baking soda so there are no rising or kneeling needed. It’s a very moist bread and keeps very well. I …

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Seitan provençal

My specialty definitely is sauces and I love experimenting with different flavor combinations and most of the time it’s a success. This sauce is one of those success stories and I absolutely fell in love with the french flavors of mustard, herbs and ajvar relish. Ajvar is a red pepper, …

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Quinoa and beet risotto

I had a few lonely beets in the fridge and wanted a colorful plate of food, the result is a quinoa and beet risotto. It’s super easy to make and super good. Eat it next to a bed of salad and maybe some marinated beans or fried tofu. 1 tbs …

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