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Strawberry & mint smoothie

Oh boy have i’ve been overeating the last couple of day and I can feel it in my body, especially in my digestive system. So I have made a pact with myself to eat better from now on, do a cleans when I get home and take a long walk …

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Eating Well on a Budget

By Kim Robson During these difficult economic times, many of us have faced the challenge of continuing to provide for our families while coping with an ever-decreasing budget. However, with a little planning, we can still enjoy healthy, fresh, delicious meals without breaking the bank account. In this article, I …

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Seitan masala

I hope you all had a great Christmas Eve, we sure did. We ate well, laughed a lot and open too many presents. On Christmas day we’re cooking for friends and planning a fun but more relaxing day as our trip is now more than half way through and we …

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From Grey to Green–Making the Best of Recycled Waste Water

By Christopher Marciello Greywater is an interesting resource. It is ever present in our daily lives, yet very few people actually are aware of its existence. So let’s start at the beginning. What is greywater? It is any used water resulting from some sort of washing chore. The water in …

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Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!

Ahhhh I love this day!!!! It’s easy Christmas morning and only me and James are awake. I’m preparing breakfast for everyone and when the kids wake up we’ll eat and then open some Christmas presents. I’m making coconut pancakes amount other things that will be served with a dollop of …

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Oat crackers

One day before Christmas and I’m so grateful to be here in Sweden and celebrating it with my family. I’m also so grateful for all the amazing vegetarian restaurants available here in Stockholm. I’ve been eating so well while out shopping for the holiday. Now if the snow just could …

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Surviving Holiday Travel with Kids

By Fredrica Syren I used to dread traveling during the holidays before I had kids, and now that seems funny to me since I don’t know what the stress back then was all about. Since becoming a mom and having to travel with little ones, travel stress has become a …

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Vegan and raw Eggnog—healthy enough to drink

By Fredrica Syren We are in full swing of preparing for our Christmas celebration and one of our favorite things to drink on this holiday is eggless eggnog. This nog is delicious and an raw and health version so you drink and serve it to your family without guilt. I …

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Ginger bread snaps

Me and Bella are in full swing of getting ready for Christmas so we baked ginger bread snaps. The dough is so easy to handle and therefore perfect for little hands to help you out. They are so good that even Amanda who is not a ginger bread fan liked …

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