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Veggie Dog Stew and Happy New Year!!!

Since we’re nearing the end of this wonderful trip I’m now trying to empty out this fridge and freezer before we leave. It seems like it’s all I’ve been doing all December. The result of that for last nights dinner was a creamy stew with hot dogs and vegetables served …

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Happy New Year!!!!!

I love the end of the year and the promise of all the positive potential of the year to come. 2011 was a great year for me! So many wonderful things happened… On Januray 2nd we got to meet our beautiful son Noah for the first time In September I …

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Buckwheat and raspberry granola

When I travel I like to go grocery shopping to see what is local and to find fun products. Today I found a Raw buckwheat raspberry granola made by Renee Voltaire who is a nutritional goddess here in Sweden. The granola is heaven so I was delighted to find a …

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Fighting the Pest Without the Toxic Mess

By Kim Robson Controlling pests without the use of dangerous chemical pesticides can be a challenge for green-living families. Those who are chemically sensitive, immune compromised, have asthma, or are just concerned about the use of chemicals around their children and pets owe it to themselves to research alternatives. There …

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Fried rice

Today was a great day because I got to spend time with two of my very dearest friends. It couldn’t just get any better after that so here I’m sitting and just feeling so happy and satisfied. Both my friends are moms of two wonderful children and knows the ups …

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Seitan pot pie with kale and leeks

Today I cooked for an old friend of my mom and some other people. It’s funny when I have guest and the first thing they say as I’m cooking is that they are worried I’m making vegetarian food. I guess it never occur to me I would not. Since I …

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Sweden an Inspiration to Greener Living

As our trip to Sweden is nearing its end, I’m still in awe about all the green living, environmental consciousness and how easy it is to find good organic foods and clothes here. If you go to a regular grocery store in Sweden like a Vons on Ralphs in the …

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Saffron bread

Tomorrow I’m hosting a lunch for a very old friend of my mom. Since my mom’s passing I’ve not seen this friend but we’ve kept in contact through mail and Facebook. I’m so excited for her come to tomorrow and to meet my mom’s grand kids. For the lunch I …

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The Craft and Alchemy of Live Fermented Foods

 By Chef Centehua Live fermented foods are vital for a healthy digestive system. Live cultures are abundant in yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, miso, kimchi, etc. The alchemy that these micro-organisms work on our food is something that our ancestors understood and honored, but our over-sanitized and germaphobic culture has forgotten this …

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Strawberry & mint smoothie

Oh boy have i’ve been overeating the last couple of day and I can feel it in my body, especially in my digestive system. So I have made a pact with myself to eat better from now on, do a cleans when I get home and take a long walk …

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